A New Charcoal Shampoo That Lets You Extend Your Style

Alli Webb is a bit of a renaissance woman. Before charcoal became the de facto detox-wonder ingredient, the Drybar founder was whipping up fresh-pressed charcoal lemonades at home with her husband.

As the story goes, she says she was “completely amazed by how purifying and cleansing” the ingredient was to the body. “Shortly after that, I met a girl who was using a charcoal soap to target a bad rash she couldn’t kick until she started cleansing with charcoal. I was feeling very inspired by all this and felt like we just HAD to get these same effects into hair.”

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Thus, Drybar’s newest addition, On The Rocks Shampoo and Conditioner ($26 each), was born. Webb says she’s proud of the new duo specifically for the reason that they “truly cleanse and detoxify hair without stripping or causing dryness like most clarifying products” via activated charcoal, which the company says can absorb 100 to 200 times its weight in impurities.

And she’s not wrong. The shampoo has a wonderful minty-woodsy scent and a strengthening, vegetable-protein formula that leaves strands feeling clean. 

The conditioner is equally effective, and somehow leaves hair not overly soft, but “structured” enough to make a style—in an ode to the brand’s notoriously long-lasting blowouts—“stick.”