This Household Item Might Be Hiding the Best Makeup Hack Yet

When it comes to methods of cleaning your makeup brushes, we’ve seen it all. From rubbing tools in olive oil to ingenious mats that fit perfectly inside your sink for a deep-clean, the list goes on. But one we haven’t heard yet is using your laundry detergent’s packaging as a cleaning tool.  Thanks to Reddit user alixehld, the free hack might be the most inexpensive—and effective—way to go about cleansing your brushes.

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2 in 1 purchase of the week: Tide laundry detergent comes with a great brush cleaner 'mat' ????

As reported on by Popsugar, the photo was posted to the Makeup Addiction subreddit and showed a Tide bottle cap that closely resembled a cleansing mat. As you can imagine, the post instantly gained traction. "If anyone is like me (not willing to shell out for an overpriced soft plastic item and unmotivated to DIY), this is a cool purchase as everybody should eventually purchase laundry soap. I cleaned my brushes by softly rubbing them on the textured surface and it worked like a dream,” the post read.

The ingenious cap, originally a "Zap! Cap" and meant for pretreating stubbornly stained clothing before it hits the wash, is only included on the Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release ($7), not all Tide detergents. A stain fighter you were probably going to buy anyway and a brush cleaner ringing in at less than $10? We can’t ask for more. 


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