The ‘Braided Brow’ Is the Newest Trend to Take Over Our Social Media Feeds

Photo Credits: Model Used for Illustrative Purpose Only

If you thought the “wavy lips” trend was too far gone, wait until you catch a glimpse of the latest makeup craze to hit social media. “Braided brows”—yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like—are officially the newest way to style your eyebrows.

What began as a joke when makeup artist Eros Gomez uploaded a photo to Instagram of a perfectly braided brow, has now taken over social media with new additions to the hashtag popping up by the minute. The look is definitely worthy of a double take, but how is it created?

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Like Gomez’s, many of the popular Instagram photos have been edited on Photoshop in order to create the neat pleat, but others explain that it all has to do with creating the façade of a real braid with your makeup kit. 

Whether the look is right up your alley or something you’d never be caught wearing, you can’t deny that the trend shows off some incredible handiwork. Scroll through some of our favorites below to catch some inspiration for yourself (and stay tuned for the next trend to hit your social media feeds). 

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