Pravana's Color-Changing Hair Dye Is the Most Mesmerizing Thing on the Internet Right Now

Photo Credits: Adobe Stock | Model Used for Illustrative Purpose Only

It took your social media feeds by storm with the launch of its "Blonde Wand" last year, but Pravana’s newest hair-color launch is about to blow “unicorn hair” and “pink-champagne” dye jobs out of the water. Dropping tomorrow, we can pretty much guarantee the brand’s Vivids Mood heat-activated hair colors are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

When the color touches heat, whether it be a blowdryer, styling tool or your own breath, the hues change color as if by magic—the same goes for when it touches cold objects, as you'll see below. Even more out-of-this-world, Lisette Cruz, Pravana’s product development manager, tells Allure the dye isn’t one that will damage your hair. Instead, it’s a “temporary overlay” that won’t hurt strands. She does note, however, that the lighter your hair is in color, the more vibrant the shades will show up.

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Vivids Mood Color will be available tomorrow in four color-changing combinations—Cool Violet to Warm Pink; Lime Green to Sunny Yellow; Smokey Gray to Invisible; and Tropical Peach to Invisible—but if you're wondering how the product actually works, there are some lucky testers that took to Instagram to show how it fared. Below, some of our favorites.

@pravana makes color-changing hair dye. 😱 #moodringhair #lifeisanadventure

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Complete color change in 2 seconds #dyson #dysonhairdryer @dysonhair @dyson #pravana @pravana #vividsmoodcolor

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💚❤️MoOD CHanGiNG HAiR CoLoR 💕💙 this is an Ice cold Pepsi out of the fridge and when I run it over this lady's hair it shows u the change it makes from when the hair changes from HOT🔥 to cold❄️.. Feel so special to be one of the first stylists in the area with this magic new temporary hair color 💗💗 #moodhaircolor #moodcolor #hairgician #hairgoals #pinkhair #pravanamoodcolor #cdahairstylist #postfallshairstylist #postfallssalon #modernsalon #licensedtocreate #pravana @pravana @brandedsalon #behindthechair #postfallsdoesntsuck #hairporn #stylistsupportingstylist #hairboss #saloncentric @saloncentric (sorry the vid isn't better quality! I only had a min to capture it and wanted u too see how cool it was ! Better vid to come )

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