What Heidi Klum Does Every Night to Keep Her Breasts 'Looking Good'

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At 44 years old, Heidi Klum looks better than most 20-somethings. She's toned, always has that supermodel glow, and radiates beauty from every angle. So how does she keep her body looking so good? While recently promoting her new lingerie line, the A-lister shared one of her best-kept better-body secrets, and we're taking notes.

When US Weekly asked the business mogul and mother of three about her bedtime rituals, Klum said wearing a bra with no underwire to bed at night helps keep her boobs in shape.

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"I do believe that when you wear a bra to bed it keeps your boobs more in place and that they will look good for a longer time. I started doing that 10 years ago maybe, and now my 13-year-old daughter is doing it too! She has a little sports bra that she wears to bed."

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Another thing Klum says she avoids in order to look and feel like her sexiest self? "White cotton panties."

"I try to get things that I find unattractive to me and my body out of my closet," Klum told US Weekly. "If it's baggy, yucky sweatpants or things that don't look good, I don't even want it in my closet. I don't even want to get tempted. If I have a super short mini-dress on, I will wear a full bottom in case the wind comes, but otherwise I'm always a G-string kind of girl."