This Video of Blackheads Being Removed From Someone’s Ear Is Seriously Questionable but SO Satisfying

It seems that every week brings a new viral extraction video, and unsurprisingly, this week is no different. In a recent Reddit post, user TychaBrahe posted a video of two blackheads being extracted from someone’s ear (yes, it is possible to get blackheads in your ears), Refinery29 reports.

“I never knew blackheads like this developed in ears until I saw the first of these,” says TychaBrahe in the post. “Now, I don’t know what is more disturbing, that they exist or that they are connected.”

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We didn’t know blackheads could be connected either, but after watching the eight-and-a-half-minute video ourselves, it seems like there’s some sort of link between the blackheads underneath the surface of the skin. Nonetheless, after eight minutes of poking and prodding the blackheads with tweezers, the open pores are left looking squeaky-clean.

For those of you who find extraction videos pleasing to watch, check it out for yourself below (the real magic happens around 8:01): 

  • Listarr
    Posted on

    I don't have that type of skin or those issues, but if I did I wouldn't need no doctor 👨‍⚕️..... All you have 2 do is push on it with your finger or get a Bobby pin.... I use 2 be cool with this female and she had a huge black-head in her ear that drove me insane..... I asked her to let me get it out as we sat on some porch waiting for someone as she was waiting to see an apartment.... I couldn't believe the thickness that was inside..... I didn't get to finish but I was doing it for at least an hour...

  • El
    Posted on

    I agree with Billie. Still, satisfying to watch at the end.

  • Billie
    Posted on

    These were piercings. You can tell. So it's not real blackheads or blackhead removal. And they are not What left the holes.

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