Hilary Swank’s Go-To Arm Workout Will Seriously Tone Your Upper Body

Hilary Swank has starred in quite a few action-packed movies (remember her role in Million Dollar Baby?), so it’s no surprise she likes to keep fit. Luckily for us, the actress has revealed some of her workouts on her Instagram account, showing off exactly how she keeps her slender body looking so strong.

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In the most recent post, Swank is laying on top of an exercise ball and lifting a barbell up while keeping her whole body steady. The exercise challenges not only Swank's arms, but also her core due to the unsteady exercise ball, making this one seriously difficult workout. See for yourself, below:

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While this alone is impressive, Swank has another video up on her page showing off a different difficult arm workout used to tone the biceps, shoulders and upper back:

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So, the next time you’re at the gym, pull up Swank’s Instagram account for some inspiration. Considering the self-proclaimed “fitness fiend” puts up a new workout video every Friday, you’ll be glad you did.