Tara Reid Has Been Using the Same $3 Drugstore Product for 29 Years

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Tara Reid is used to being in the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean she’s a high-maintenance celebrity. The 41-year-old actress, who seemed to have taken some downtime for herself in recent years, has a whole batch of movies coming down the pipeline. So, we caught up with the star during her promotion for Sharknado 5, and we’re pretty taken aback at how down-to-earth she is.

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While most celebrities have an extensive skin care and fitness routine, Reid credits her fit physique to SoulCycle and her clear skin to a $3 drugstore product. “I’ve been using Dove Beauty Bar ($3) my whole entire life,” says Reid. “It has moisture in it and it doesn’t dry out your skin…I’ve been using it since I was, I don’t know, 12 maybe?”

Considering the Dove Beauty Bar is a cult-classic drugstore pick and constantly recommended by dermatologists, it makes sense Reid would use this product for the past 29 years. In fact, when referring to her skin care routine, Reid said it best herself: “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

  • Shirley
    Posted on

    She's 41 and she looks 41.. I thought bar soap isn't good on your face.. Never thought of using it as Skincare other then bathing..

  • Annie
    Posted on

    Bar soap is not good for the skin whether on your body or face. Traditional soaps like this always leave a film/residue on the skin even if you can't feel it. My mom always used this soap too, she looks great for 60 but I credit that to good GENES, not using Dove soap. Just because someone looks great at an older age doesn't mean it's due to their skincare - could be because of genes, diet, lifestyle, etc. And no offense but Tara Reid has aged terribly, I wouldn't want her skincare advice!

  • Emmjae
    Posted on

    I co-sign this 100 times.... I'm 27 and everyone thinks I'm around 18. I have been using this since I was around 11 and my mom uses it also.... she's close to 50 and has the face of a 35 year old.... go out and buy it. Try it, you'll love it😀

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