Beauty Vlogger Applies 100 Layers of Bubble Mask and the Result Is Insane

As if applying one layer of product isn’t enough, the internet has been swept by storm by the "100 Layers" challenge. From 100 layers of liquid lipsticks to 100 layers of mascara, YouTube has seen it all. The beauty vlogger behind the madness, Jeely, decided to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her “100 Layers of Foundation” video with this “100 Layers of Bubble Mask” video.

Jeely used three containers of Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask ($11) to create this hilarious video. Although Jeely began the video with excitement, she quickly realized that applying layers of this product was “almost impossible.”

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Jeely powered through the application even after the mask bubbled into her nose, mouth, eyes and hair, and all over her shirt.

Once finished, Jeely says, "this might be the most stupid idea I’ve ever had.” Check out her hilarious video below.