People Can't Believe This Woman's Age

Mona Campbell celebrated her 63rd birthday last weekend, and as her viral photo proved, the age has never looked better.

In a series of shots posted by her grandson Chavis Walker on Twitter Sunday, the glowing grandmother is playfully posing outside in colorful overalls. Campbell smile screams "super happy," but what got social media in a storm was how young she looked. As of Thursday afternoon, the photo has almost 100K likes and has been shared many times over. 

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Campbell told Fox News that her secrets are pretty simple and credits having a "positive attitude, spending time outdoors and natural products." As for her skin care go-tos? She avoids chemicals and opts for olive oil.

“I’ve always believed in rest. Good rest, fresh air, gardening, God, and healthy eating. Counting blessings. Everything in moderation,” she wrote in an email to Fox News.