A Retinol Cream You’ve Never Heard of Is Seriously Trending on Amazon Right Now

One of the coolest parts of Amazon.com is its Movers and Shakers page—a real time update of products by category that are trending by sales number in any given 24-hour period. As beauty fanatics, we’re always looking for an expert recommendation, but we also love to see what shoppers are purchasing and repurchasing themselves. One standout product from the beauty Movers and Shakers that caught our eye? LilyAna Naturals Retinol Cream.

Lily-what, you might say? Turns out, if you’ve never heard of the product before, there’s a very good reason. The product is only available on Amazon.com and the brand doesn’t even have its own webpage. But with almost 1,000 five-star reviews, many accompanied with pretty compelling before-and-after shots, it seems like this product is one secret that people who have tried it love.

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Commenters credit the product for doing everything from fading acne and diminishing wrinkles to eliminating milia, evening skin tone and delivering results that more than one user has called “comparable to Retin-A.” Another thing users love? How gentle and nonirritating the formulation is, thanks to a slew of hydrating and nurturing ingredients like aloe leaf extract, sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil and shea butter.

According to the brand’s description and ingredient label, the cream is meant for both day and night use, made with natural and organic ingredients and contains a 2.5 percent retinol complex. Cosmetic chemist Kelly Dobos took a look at the ingredient list and could understand why the product is so popular. " Retinol is listed in the ingredient statement and is the most potent form of vitamin A with regard to anti-aging, and is still the gold standard. We have yet to identify an ingredient that is as efficacious in a topical treatment." That, combined with a long list of emollients and skin-nurturing hydrators, make this under-the-radar product one that more people would be happy to discover. 

  • Maya B.
    Posted on

    I have been looking at this product for a while and finally purchased. I had emailed with a question a few weeks ago and got a quick response from them. Although I haven't received or used yet, I think this company is really on the ball. I received a thank you email for the purchase with an instruction sheet attached to ensure that I'd get the most from the product. Impressive. I hope the results are as well.

  • SisqB
    Posted on

    This is a great product! I've used retinols before on my face, but they always made my neck and chest extremely itchy and irritated so I usually gave up on them. This product does not cause any irritation at all. I haven't been using it very long but my skin looks good, so far.

  • jill s
    Posted on

    I'm using prescription strength Fabior foam.......the irritation makes me quit and then I start again. Would this cream be a better option for me?

  • Leslie B
    Posted on

    As an aside to this... always use a retinol at night, make sure you don't use any glycolic product with it as they will cancel out each other, and most important... wear sunscreen every single day. Using retin-a or retinol products makes your skin photosensitive... meaning... it will be more susceptible to UV rays. One more tip... using a vitamin c serum before you put your moisturizer/sunscreen on in the morning helps product against sun damage. Start young and you'll look great way into your early 60s... seriously... it works.

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