This Colorist Specializes in Transforming Botched Hair Jobs—You Have to See Them

We’ve all been there—where we go in for a fresh, new color and walk out with a botched dye-job. Then cue the panic. While most colorists are able to do color-corrections, there’s one in Los Angeles that women are flocking to.

Lema Ahmad with Agencé Salon in San Dimas claims to specialize in "hot messes." “Being a hot mess myself, I felt like people wouldn't get offended if I started specializing in 'hot messes,'" she told Refinery29

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She said the whole thing started four years ago when a client came in with a messed-up color. She told Ahmad, “My hair is a mess and I don’t care what you do, just fix this.” Five hours later the client was so happy with the results she told Ahmad, “I was such a hot mess, you should tell people [that’s what] you specialize in.”

The tagline stuck and now she shares her incredible before-and-afters on Instagram. Check out some of her best transformations below.  


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I'M SHOOK😍 Model : @pani

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Slight transformation🙃

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She went from drab to faaaaab👸🏼

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