This Woman Uses Makeup to Make You Look Like You've Had a Facelift

For Miami-based makeup artist Gaby Ros, the power to transform a woman's look with nothing more than makeup is what this mastermind prides herself on. While her makeup style is anything but basic, Ros says some of the biggest age-related concerns that her clients complain about are fine lines. "I always say that less is more so instead of 'covering' I suggest camouflaging. A more natural looking skin will make you look younger than full coverage makeup."

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To contour and highlight the face, Ros relies on using a powder contouring technique on the cheeks and forehead and creating brightness under the eye area to highlight the face. "I also love with the skin has a healthy looking glow to it."

Some of her makeovers are so jaw-dropping and unbelievable that we had to take a second take to believe that Ros was able to achieve all of this with just makeup, and no surgery. Take a look for yourself. 

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