The Skin Care Saviors Hilary Duff Relies on For Her ‘Younger’ Glow

Photo Credits: Getty Images

On her hit show Younger, 29-year-old Hilary Duff doesn’t have to worry about the effects of aging. After all, the former child star plays a successful millennial character on a show that highlights the struggles of aging in the workplace. But in real life, Duff takes measures to maintain her youthful skin with a mix of high-end favorites and some more affordable standout stars.

Speaking with The New York Times, she describes the go-to skin care saviors she counts on for camera-ready skin. To exfoliate, she relies on celebrity favorite Lancer The Method: Polish ($75). “You do it dry, so it’s kind of abrasive, but I find it really makes a difference if you do it every day,” she says. “Harold Lancer has been my dermatologist for probably six years. He does the best microdermabrasion.”

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To moisturize and anti-age, she goes for some tried-and-true skin-care brands. “My favorite serum is by 3Lab. It’s super-expensive, but I don’t use it all the time,” says Duff. “Then I use La Mer cream ($170). I want a thick layer on my face. And I use this Tata Harper eye cream—the Restorative one ($95).”

To protect and correct, she likes the new Glossier Invisible Shield ($34), some well known face masks and a power peel: “Right now, I’m using a Glossier gel kind of sunscreen. And I do masks all the time. I did the GlamGlow SuperMud ($69) one last week. I also like the 24K Gold one by Peter Thomas Roth ($80). And then there’s m-61; I love the resurfacing pads ($28).”

For her lips, she consistently reaches for a super affordable drugstore staple. “My favorite lip balm is a cocoa butter stick ($2) from the drugstore, the fat one that looks like a glue stick. Also, there’s this line I’m obsessed with at Sephora called Bum Bum Cream ($45). It smells so good! And now they have a lip balm ($18), and I can’t stop. My son smelled it the other day, and he goes, ‘Mom that smells like Hawaii.’ I was like, ‘I know, let’s go!’”

The always refreshingly candid star minces no words about the downside of treating her skin from the inside out: “I’ve been drinking rosewater, which is supposed to be really hydrating, but it tastes nasty.”