Jennifer Lopez Is All Kinds of Skin Goals in This Makeup-Free Video

Photo Credits: Getty Images

Before a big performance, you’d expect J.Lo. to take part in a full, chaotic routine—getting into hair, makeup and costume. However, that isn’t necessarily the case.

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Before her Friday residency concert at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, the 47-year-old singer shared her pre-show routine on Instagram. And we have to say, it’s surprisingly…chill.

Getting ready for show night... #jlovegas #allihave #letsgetit

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“So this is what it’s like before the show,” she says in her video. “I sit here. No hair, no makeup, no nothing. Just trying to get mentally prepared to give you all I have.”

While there is of course a pre-show beauty routine that consists of hair and makeup, this honest video shows her commitment to the job. She seems more focused on getting into the right mindset so she can put on her the best show. It isn't necessarily about the props and the flash. It’s about her performance. 

It just doesn't hurt that she looks as glowy and gorgeous in the makeup-free video as she does on stage.