According to Instagram, Glue Sticks Are the Secret to Your Best Brows

From taking paper towels to your strands before blow-drying to using honey to fix a dry patch without having to remove foundation, we’ve learned some pretty crazy tricks and trends when it comes nailing your next beauty look, but this one, posted by the brow experts at Anastasia Beverly Hills, might take the cake: using a glue stick (yes, the one found in the craft aisle) to help craft Instagram-ready eyebrows.

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In the video, a few layers of an Elmer’s glue stick are swiped over a (brave) woman’s thin, sparse brows and brow bones before being covered with a concealer that perfectly matches her skin tone and dusted with a generous coat of setting powder (the kind you would use to set your under-eye concealer). Excess powder is dusted off, then specific proportions are measured out to ensure the “new” set of brows are perfect for her face shape and structure. Then, the artist gets to work and creates gorgeous, natural-looking brows that, thanks to the secret step, won’t slip throughout the day.

While using a glue stick on any part of your face is untraditional in every sense, this technique has been used in both the theater and drag communities for years due to its ability to create a perfect canvas and allow you to totally start from scratch. However, due to the chemicals, irritants and ingredients that are not designed to be used on the skin, we don’t recommend using this technique regularly. Instead, reach for the essentials—a brow pencil or powder are favorites— plus a setter to seal in the look, and if your brows are looking sparse, incorporate a serum into your nighttime routine to encourage growth while you snooze.  

  • Anna Ingle
    Posted on

    Drag queens being doing this forever! Miss Fame❤️

  • Stephanie
    Posted on

    This woman should get her sparse brows microbladed. It would look much better and more natural!

  • CC
    Posted on

    Ummm... Queens have BEEN doing this trick for DECADES! SMH...

  • Philene
    Posted on

    Agreed. Old theatrical trick. Absolutely ridiculous for real life. Come on, Anastasia!

  • Em
    Posted on

    That looks RIDICULOUS!

  • Nikki
    Posted on

    This is one of the oldest drag queen tricks in the book. Move along Anastasia, nothing new to see here.

  • Scary
    Posted on

    They look horrible. I can see the use in theatrical settings, but if you’re coming close to people be prepared for laughs.

  • SB
    Posted on

    They look horrible afterwards!!! And far too much work.

  • RD
    Posted on

    I understand having sparse brows naturally and thickening or defining them with makeup. I don't think though that the problem here is anything other than way over tweezing these brows to the point of almost baldness. This lady needs to lay of plucking!

  • Annie
    Posted on

    This has been done by drag queens and transgender women for a really long time.

  • Lisa
    Posted on

    That string idea is genius. 🙂

  • Tania Russell
    Posted on

    Blocking brows is an old theatrical trick. There’s nothing new about this.

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