Charcoal Lattes Are Here...Say Hello to Your Detox Drink of the Summer

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The next big drink to blow up your Instagram feed is going to make cappuccino art and unicorn lattes look like child's play.

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Enter the charcoal latte, a "detoxifying" drink that, as Delish reports, makes a mean social media post, while having the added benefit of helping out with hangovers and various gastrointestinal issues.

While they aren't so prevalent in the U.S. quite yet, New York's Good Sort cafe, a vegan tea and espresso bar, serves up the Activated Charcoal Black Sesame Latte, a drink that we can only hope tastes as good as it looks on Instagram.

A little dose of Activated Charcoal and Black Sesame Latte love 🌚 - 📷 @marjoriealbay

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