Victoria Beckham Gets a Warning for Plugging This Derm's Beauty Products

The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on celebrity endorsements on social media, issuing a warning letter to hundreds of influencers, athletes and celebs, reminding them that if they're going to promote a product, they have to disclose if/when they are paid for the plug, according to the DailyMail.

Snooki, Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum are mentioned in the letter, but Victoria Beckham, in particular, is being called out for her link to beauty brand Lancer. 

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As the DailyMail reports, the FTC "said that there was a 'material connection' between Beckham and the marketer of the product, which should have been 'clearly and conspicuously disclosed.'" 

Beckham has long praised the skin care line, saying that she "swears by them." A reminder always to do your own research, especially when it's something as personalized as skin care.