The Majority of Men Say Women Wear Makeup for This Ridiculous 'Reason'

In what can only be described as major "makeup-shaming," a new study says the majority of men think women wear makeup to "trick them."

As reported on by Bustle, a poll on reports that 63 percent of men think "women wear makeup to trick them into thinking they're attractive." What's more, 55 percent of U.S. adults (both men and women) agree with this thinking overall and 43 percent of Americans think that women wear too much makeup. Likewise, the majority of women (53 percent) "strongly agree that the media holds them to unrealistic beauty standards." 

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In total, 5,855 adults participated in the poll. All this makeup shaming is, of course, a real shame. After all, there's really only one true reason why any woman chooses to wear—or not wear—makeup: because she wants to.