Forget Complicated Tricks, a Bobby Pin Is All You Need for Your Best Cat Eye Ever

The key to drawing a perfect winged eyeliner is having the right tools, a little bit of luck and a whole lot of skill. And then, even after you’ve nailed the look on one eye, you have to repeat the whole feat again on the other—leading, more often than not, to the dreaded uneven eyeliner. 

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Luckily for all of us who are still working on our eyeliner game, beauty vlogger @beautynmalia has posted the perfect liner hack that not only ensures you get a clean cat's-eye, but that also lets you repeat the look perfectly on the other eye, every single time.

The only tools you need are your liquid eyeliner of choice and a large bobby pin. As Malia demonstrates, paint the liner right onto the pronged end of the bobby pin and then press the pin on the outer corner of your eye like a stamp. This creates the winged tip (one that you can consistently replicate). The last step is to simply fill in between the lines. See the full tutorial below: