This 62-Year-Old Woman Uses Just 4 Products for Skin This Good

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The world of beauty bloggers and YouTube stars is pretty much, for the most part, relegated to 20- and 30-somethings dishing on the latest highlighters, contouring techniques and eyeliner flick tricks. But one YouTube star, who is 62 years old and doesn’t look a day over 50, has gone on the record revealing everything she uses to keep her skin looking virtually flawless, and it only consists of four products.

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Going by her screen name, msmelissa55, the grandmother of seven says she doesn’t use moisturizer and uses the same products every day and night. Besides being a diehard fan of Retin-A for 28 years, here’s what else she relies on:

Obagi Exfoderm ($74)

ShiseidoWhite Lucent Cleansing Foam ($36)

SkinCeuticals Serum 20 AOX+ Exfoliator ($120)

A post shared by Melissa (@msmelissa55) on

A post shared by Melissa (@msmelissa55) on

  • Taren
    Posted on

    Only one other person mentioned sunscreen on here....that’s number one! In fact those skin creams won’t work effectively without sunscreen over it every day.

  • Annie
    Posted on

    If you watch her YouTube videos she states she has never had botox or fillers. She says the four products she uses are expensive but she justifies the price because she saves money by not having peels, fillers, etc. It's not impossible to look this good at her age without fillers/botox. Clearly good genes are a part of it. Look at Jennifer Lopez, she is also around age 50 and has never had botox or fillers.

  • KelliK
    Posted on

    This woman is beautiful but she clearly uses Botox and maybe fillers. I wish people would talk more about it so we can have a real idea of what it takes to stay youthful looking. I'm 46 and I use Botox and I would love to know how people are using the different fillers and lasers. Let's help educate each other ladies so we can all look our best selves!

  • Sugacrush
    Posted on

    I love Ms Melissa65, she is a gorgeous women inside and out, I love her YouTube videos, she's been taking care of her skin from a very young age, 28 years of retin-a, the science is there retin-a is known to keep you younger looking, it's a fact.

  • Andrea
    Posted on

    K, Number 1...Early 60's isn't THAT old, no matter what the media tells us; Number 2...this gorgeous creature has wonderful genes...sorry, NO amount of product is going to make you look THIS good, no matter what the salesperson at the makeup counter is telling you...

  • Kismet
    Posted on

    So beautiful!

  • Paige
    Posted on

    Sorry, but as attractive as this woman is, the top photo makes it look like she applies her make-up, especially the foundation, with a trowel. That heavy make-up look actually takes away from her natural assets.

  • Isabelle
    Posted on

    She looks great, very natural too, but I do not see any sunscreen in her "only four" products a day.

  • Carrie
    Posted on

    These might be the only products she uses on a daily basis, but she clearly has had Botox and/or fillers as well. It would be nice if these procedures, if any, had been disclosed as well. Her forehead is beautifully smooth for such a fair skinned woman in her 60's.

  • lorette young
    Posted on

    I know this gorgeous lady, she looks so young for her age, I wish I could look as young and gorgeous as her, sincerely, lorette young

  • Sharon
    Posted on

    Love watching her. She is a gem!

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