This 62-Year-Old Woman Uses Just 4 Products for Skin This Good

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The world of beauty bloggers and YouTube stars is pretty much, for the most part, relegated to 20- and 30-somethings dishing on the latest highlighters, contouring techniques and eyeliner flick tricks. But one YouTube star, who is 62 years old and doesn’t look a day over 50, has gone on the record revealing everything she uses to keep her skin looking virtually flawless, and it only consists of four products.

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Going by her screen name, msmelissa55, the grandmother of seven says she doesn’t use moisturizer and uses the same products every day and night. Besides being a diehard fan of Retin-A for 28 years, here’s what else she relies on:

Obagi Exfoderm ($74)

ShiseidoWhite Lucent Cleansing Foam ($36)

SkinCeuticals Serum 20 AOX+ Exfoliator ($120)

A post shared by Melissa (@msmelissa55) on

A post shared by Melissa (@msmelissa55) on

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  • Carrie
    Posted on

    These might be the only products she uses on a daily basis, but she clearly has had Botox and/or fillers as well. It would be nice if these procedures, if any, had been disclosed as well. Her forehead is beautifully smooth for such a fair skinned woman in her 60's.

  • lorette young
    Posted on

    I know this gorgeous lady, she looks so young for her age, I wish I could look as young and gorgeous as her, sincerely, lorette young

  • Sharon
    Posted on

    Love watching her. She is a gem!

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