The Beauty Tricks Amanda Seyfried Swears By to Spend Less Than 5 Minutes in Front of the Mirror

Because we’re accustomed to seeing celebrities in all their glitz-and-glam glory on the red carpet and big screens, it’s always comforting to hear that walking around with pounds of makeup and hairspray on isn’t their favorite pastime. In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Amanda Seyfried shared her go-to tips in order to spend the least amount of time primping and polishing—we’re taking notes.

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“When it comes to a beauty routine, I want to spend less than five minutes in front of the mirror,” she says, explaining that, as a fan of making getting ready as easily as possible, her skin care routine has consisted of three products for years: Clé de Peau Beauté Gentle Cleansing Foam ($65), La Mer La Crème ($170) at night and an emulsion with SPF during the day. “My hair routine is even simpler and faster. Usually, I pull it back off my face and shampoo it once a week. That keeps it healthy, and I don't use any styling products except for dry shampoo.” LULU ORGANICS Hair Powder in Lavender + Clary Sage ($30) is her go-to, a natural option she buys on Amazon.

The less-is-more approach carries over to her makeup routine, too. “I recently had my eyelashes dyed so I don't have to put on mascara every day,” she says. As for blemishes or any redness in her complexion, a full-face of foundation is out of the question for this big-screen star. “Foundation seems like a lot of work, so I just use a concealer stick for red spots here or there.”