Birkenstock Is Getting in the Beauty Game

The brand may be synonymous with sandals, but Birkenstock is ready to make a big step—no pun intended—into the world of beauty.

“As the inventor of the footbed, we have a particularly close connection to personal well-being. Alongside healthy walking, standing, running, and resting, skin care has a considerable influence on our well-being. The cosmetics industry offers countless products in this area. Unfortunately, however, many of these contain chemical ingredients that can irritate or even damage the skin. This prompted us to start thinking about a healthy product concept in this segment. The result is Birkenstock Natural Care—genuine natural cosmetics without the use of chemicals,” Oliver Reichert, CEO of the Birkenstock Group, said in a release.

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Not going too far from the brand’s roots, the 28-product line (think cleansing gels, body lotions, serums, day creams and, of course, foot care) looks like it will revolve around cork, which contains suberin, an ingredient the company claims has a proven lifting effect. In addition to this cork oak extract, ingredients such as arctic moss, argan oil, baobab, moringa, elderberry and botanical hyaluronic acid play a big part, and all products are vegan, there’s no animal testing and “controversial” chemicals are not included. Refilling is also a big component of the entire line.

The brand shared with us that the timing (as well as pricing) of the U.S. launch is still TBD.

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