A Spray-On Face Peel That Delivers Softer, Brighter Skin Instantly

Skin peels have come a long way since their poorly reputable beginnings. While many people used to associate flaky, irritated and ultra-red skin with chemical peels, that bad rap is thankfully over. Now, both in-office and at-home peels are available everywhere for consumers who are looking to score a brighter, wrinkle-free complexion in just a few minutes.

However, if you’ve tried an at-home peel in the past, you probably already know that they're typically applied in one of two ways: Either via presoaked towelette or a serum. But now, there’s a whole new way to apply a face peel without these traditional application techniques.

Enter: the O.R.G. Mineral Peel Face ($44). This new product is a spray that delivers the same instantly smooth, soft skin as a typical peel would but in a spritzer form. All you have to do is spray on the solution, and the all-natural enzymes extract dermal debris and dissolve dead skin cells (just like a traditional peel) to deliver a perfectly radiant finish. Ingredients include licorice root to brighten and aloe vera to soothe so that the skin isn't left feeling dry or flaky afterward.

Because all it takes is a few sprays of this formula to renew your skin, it’s the perfect option for those of us looking for a pick-me-up while traveling or even midday at work. So, be sure to get your hands on this formula ASAP—your skin will thank you.

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