Another New Hair Innovation Is Coming From Dyson

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We’re still not completely over the fabulousness of Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer launch that dropped last year, and we already have another new release that we absolutely cannot wait for from the vacuum cleaner brand.

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According to The Evening Standard, Dyson has put in a patent for a “high-velocity” hairbrush. It’s still in the design phase, but the document shows plans that feature a baton-shaped sort of wand with a “hot styling brush with a handle and a detachable head.” In pure Dyson fashion, there’s a fan unit that will “draw in fluid and push it away.”

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Other key points of the patent: Promises of “drying the hair and/or styling the hair into curls and waves;” some sort of mechanism that allows “hairspray and serums” to be added; and “the use of the appliance without a heater.”

No word on timing or pricing as of now, but we can already see some better hair days in our future.