Drew Barrymore Posts a Shelfie of Her Beauty Stash Full of Covetable Skin Care Products

Here’s the thing about celebrities: We know they have access to the best products in existence, but they’ll rarely tell you the good stuff they’re using. It might be because they’re contracted by a big beauty brand not to mention anything else, or because they have their own line to promote, or perhaps they just want to keep a really good secret product, an actual secret. But Drew Barrymore is not your average celebrity. She’s a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, and us beauty junkies know that there’s nothing more satisfying than stashing a medicine cabinet full of amazing products, taking a photo of it all and proudly sharing it with the world on social media.

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In the name of beauty reporting (and ok, because we’re just really curious), we zoomed in on a recent Instagram Barrymore posted and used our best label-deciphering skills to investigate what’s currently on rotation right now. As expected, there’s an ample amount of Flower Beauty (her own line) and some products that look like they’re still in lab packaging. Aside from that, here's what we found from top to bottom.

  • Misti
    Posted on

    Can I move in with Drew I am so Jealous what a Awesome Beauty score of products

  • Hawaii
    Posted on

    I have used Clinique basic skin care products since 1968 People still stop me on the street & even when I board a plane - the question is always the same :WHAT DO YOU USE ON YOUR FABULOUS SKIN!!) - then they ask if I can tell them what to buy in the Clinique (yep I should work for Clinique) I have alll of my clients using Clinique Basic products - Clairfying lotion #2, Bar soap (mild) DDML+ AM & PM and - the Exfolating scrub 1x a week with lots of water. - All of my clients skin is glowing, translucent & yes Younger!!. I say "Thank you Clinique"

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