Demi Lovato’s Berry Mask Gives Her Amazing Skin

Dry skin, cold climates and a 10-hour flight is a surefire formula to get some really bad things brewing up on your complexion.

Demi Lovato's solution? Renee Rouleau's Triple Berry Smoothing Peel ($86.50), a fruity-scented mix of enzymes, antioxidants and natural acids that has the multitasking power to tackle dryness, pore issues, blemishes, texture and so, so much more.

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As reported on by E!, Lovato Snapchatted a very solid before-after image of one of her "favorite masks" in action, which she applied post-plane ride.

We're big fans of the peel/treatment/mask (whatever you want to call it) as well—it's gentle, instantly gives skin that "glow" and consistently delivers that "looks-like-you-just-got-a-facial" effect.