Why This Plus-Sized Blogger’s Bathing Suit Photo Is Getting All the Attention

Like most of us, Australian beauty blogger Kirsten Bosly, always had the mindset that being photographed in a bathing suit wasn’t a terribly good idea.

As the 41-year-old told Us Weekly, “I’d wear board shorts over my bathing suit because I hated my belly and thighs. Then I’d pick a spot that wasn’t too close to anyone else as I don’t like people looking at me. People have said nasty things to me in the past.”

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During a recent family vacation, the mom of two was without her cover-ups. Instead of retreating to under the umbrella or reaching for the nearest towel, she decided to chronicle it—photos and all—in a now-viral Facebook post.

“Today marks a new beginning for me. For most of my life I have hated my body. Despised it. Loathed it. Resented it. Wanted so very much for it to change; for it to be smaller, thinner … less ‘fat.’ I’ve been terribly ashamed of its wobbles and dimples; like somehow they are the measure of who I am.”

“I recently read a meme that said something along the lines of ‘be in pictures with your kids because when you’re gone, the pictures will be all they have left,’ and it struck a nerve. I’ve avoided pictures most of the time as I disliked how I look in them. Not anymore! Bugger that noise! The truth is, I’m tired of being ashamed of my body; it’s done nothing but support me for 41 years.” 

Bosly told Us that she’s been overwhelmed by the support the post has garnered, and a lot of the feedback goes way beyond looks. “I’ve received messages from moms who’ve lost children and have hardly any photos with them because of their own self-esteem issues,” Bosly told Us. “I have been called brave, which is a gorgeous compliment but … I find it sad that a plus-size woman wearing a one-piece at the beach is considered an act of bravery. It didn’t feel brave. It just felt freeing!” 

Bosly has since posted another very simple message: “Spread the body positive love around!”