Target Is Getting a Slew of New Beauty Products This Month

You know the saying, "You can't leave Target without spending $100"? Well that's about to ring more true than ever come January 22, when the store debuts a whole new assortment of beauty products that are sure to make you want to spend. The products represent some of the biggest trends in Korean beauty, many of which have cult-classic followings in the United States and overseas.  

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From sheet masks to snail creams, the curated collection was handpicked by Alicia Yoon, founder of K-Beauty e-tailer Peach & Lily, who is always on top of the latest beauty trends. Let's face it, the Korean beauty space is a force to be reckoned with, and many U.S. companies have taken inspiration from these foreign brands to expand their own collections stateside. The full list of products, which will be available on and in select Target stores, includes:

Aprilskin Deep Cleaning Facial Cleanser, $7 

Ariul Sheet Mask Skin Texture Improvement Facial Mask Treatment, $20

Caolion Cream Deep Cleaning Facial Mask Treatment, $26 

Caolion Cream Pore Minimizing Facial Mask Treatment, $20 

Caolion Cream Skin Texture Improvement Facial Mask Treatment, $23 

Caolion Stick Moisturizing Facial Moisturizer, $16 

Lagom Gel Basic Cleansing Facial Cleanser, $17 

Lagom Spray Skin Texture Improvement Facial Toner, $21 

MIZON Snail Repair Eye, $22 

MIZON Snail Repair Cream, $38 

MIZON Face Masks, $3.50 each 

Twenty Four Seven Cosmetic Highlighter White, $22 

Twenty Four Seven Lipstick Medium, $29