Burger King and Tim Hortons Are About to Change Its Chicken—for the Better

Add two new names to the list of restaurant chains that are doing something about the antibiotics in their chicken.

As Reuters reports, Burger King and Tim Hortons, which are both owned by Restaurant Brands International Inc., are planning to make the switch to serving chicken raised without antibiotics. The company said the change will happen in U.S. stores in 2017, with Canada following in 2018.

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McDonald's has already removed all antibiotics important to human medicine from its U.S. chicken; in August, Wendy’s said it would stop using chickens raised with antibiotics important to human health by 2017, according the Reuters.

The concern regarding antibiotics in recent years is that the overuse of them contributes to “rising numbers of life-threatening human infections from antibiotic-resistant bacteria dubbed ‘superbugs.’”

"We believe that it is important to reduce the use of antibiotics important for human medicine in order to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics in both veterinary and human medicine," Restaurant Brands told Reuters.