This Cult Classic Apricot Scrub Is Being Sued

Chances are, you’ve probably had St. Ives’ Apricot Scrub in your facial skin care rotation at some point—it is America’s number-one scrub brand after all, according to the company.

Now, as TMZ is reporting, two women are suing because they say the product is way too strong.

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The class action suit, which is for more than $5 million dollars and targets St. Ives’ parent company, Unilever, claims that the product feels like “sandpaper to the skin,” and may cause accelerated aging since the crushed walnut shells used in the formula can lead to inflammation. What’s more, the suit says, is that while the product boasts of being “dermatologist tested,” it’s not actually dermatologist recommended.

St. Ives has yet to comment on the suit.