Ask Your Stylist to Do This to Hide Grays Longer

If you have grays, you probably have a very strict coloring rotation. Four weeks: You’re starting to see them come back. Six weeks: You really should fix them. Eight weeks: ugh. Ten weeks: You have a very troubling situation on your hands.

Alaina Manibog, stylist at the Benjamin Salon in Los Angeles, says it’s a common conundrum for clients, but one that your stylist can help you out with a bit.

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She says the name of the game when it comes to hiding grays isn't necessarily about going for color more often. Instead, it all starts in the chair—via strategically placed highlights. “If highlights are placed in the areas of your grays, as they grow out, they aren't as noticeable.” The reason, she says, is pretty simple. “The gray hair and the highlights end up blending and working together.”

One other trick of the trade: “Keeping ashier tones in your hair helps blend the gray as well,” she says. “The opposite is true of warmer tones, which actually make gray hair pop in a dramatic way.”