Kayla Itsines Is About to Come Out With Something New and You’re Going to Want It!

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Social media superstar Kayla Itsines, who launched her Bikini Body Guide a few years ago, is about to come out with a new book. If her 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide is anything like the dramatic transformations she posts on her Instagram account, then we’re going to put our money on it that this is going to be a top seller that won’t stay in stock for long.

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Itsines has created a cult-like following worldwide with thousands of women praising her for changing their bodies and giving them back their confidence. Her new books offers a peek into what the 25-year-old Australia-based trainer eats herself and promises to be chock-full of recipes, weekly meal plans and even a workout poster.

While the book isn’t out just yet—you can pre-order it now and it will be available on December 27—this is the perfect way to jumpstart your workout routine and get on track with healthy eating habits for the New Year.