This Blackhead Removal Video Has Gotten More Than 27 Million Views

It’s definitely the year of the viral pimple-popping videos (and maybe we can find something in the skin care world less gross to obsess about in 2017?) and now there’s a REALLY popular one making the rounds that may be the unofficial winner of 2016.

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Uploaded by Mach5Weird via Facebook and first reported on by Women’s Health, this viral blackhead-popping video has gotten more than 20 million views. It’s long—like three minutes long—and the super zoomed-in shots are not for weak stomachs.

Whether this video is one of those things you can’t stop watching or you won’t even hit play, it’s best to never pick at a blackhead (or your skin in general) and your pores really aren’t the place to start experimenting if you aren’t a pro.

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