This Grandma’s Beauty Tutorials are the Only Ones You'll Want to Watch From Now On

tried this stuff and it was ok i guess go watch me its the new video

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Move aside Michelle Phan, there’s a new beauty vlogger gaining some major internet fame. Her name’s Grandma Lill and the internet is loving her beauty tutorials on her aptly named channel, Beauty Guru Grandma.

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Grandmother of Youtube Vlogger Kevin Droniak, Grandma Lill shows us how to get all kinds of looks for the holidays such as browns for Thanksgiving and reds for Valentines Day—naturally. The 86-year-old even tries out the trends that all the “young people” are doing, such as 100 layers of makeup (which she quits after 10) and Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits (which are “OK, I guess”).

In none of the videos does she take herself or the process too seriously. Which is the perfect reminder that makeup is meant to be fun. If you want to get in on the fun, keep scrolling and check out some of her videos.