Fitness Blogger Reveals the Posing Trick That Can Get You a "Kardashian Butt"

If fitness bloggers have taught us one thing this year, it’s that Instagram photos of “perfect” bodies cannot be trusted. Whether it’s skillful posing or lighting that hides stomach rolls, bloating and other totally normal things that happen to women’s bodies, a filtered social media post does not reflect reality.

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The latest fitness blogger to remind us that photos aren’t always what they seem is Sara Puhto, who posted on Instagram before and after photos that show how a simple shift in how you stand can suddenly give your booty a lift.

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“I thought I'd show my booty from its normal straight leg standing position vs. a posed booty pop position,” Puhto captioned her post. “In a world where the Kardashian's booties are so glorified, we need to remember that the photos we see of them and others aren't always reality. Their butts can't ALWAYS look that big from every angle. Same goes with photos on Instagram, we see them as goals and think we'll never be able to gain that much muscle or lose that much fat, but what you need to remember is that those photos you see are achievable, you can get to your goals, you can achieve anything with the right amount of determination, patience and effort! Don't think you can't because you're comparing a posed photo of a body to your everyday body. Use them as motivation but don't get too caught up on them.”

60 weeks of BBG 🌿🙌🏼 Little booty progress photo cause I haven't done one of these in forever 🍑 If you wanna grow muscles you have to eat lots (not less) and eat clean (yes with "cheat meals" in between cause we need them 😁) cause muscles need that food fuel to grow! I've talked about it before, this isn't the lowest weight I've been on my fitness journey and that's fine cause I like the way my muscles look now, I'm stronger, happier and healthier! low weight does not equal happiness. As for the workouts I've been doing for growing leg/butt muscles, I did @kayla_itsines BBG 1.0 twice and BBG 2.0 thrice, with maximum 10kg weights. And every few weeks I try to squeeze in an extra booty workout of either @fitnessblender "squats and deadlifts" workout or their "Brazilian butt lift round 2"! As for food I've had ups and downs (I have a whole post about it on my previous transformation photo if you're curious about it) but now eat clean 70-80% of the time and eat 2000-3000 calories! I hope this gives some ideas for some of you on your booty gains journey 😂😁 you are amazing and I hope you have a great day! 🌴☀️

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Posing aside, Puhto has been documenting her body transformation journey to over 36,000 Instagram followers. An earlier photo that shows her progress to getting a rounder more lifted butt credited booty “squats and deadlifts” from trainer Kayla Itsines and Fitnessblender.


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