Sally Hansen's Newest Launch Isn't Like Any Other Polish Out There

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When it comes to nail polish, most of the focus is centered around how long a color lasts before chipping. Rarely do we learn about cutting-edge ingredients or new breakthrough formulations. That's why Sally Hansen's soon-to-launch Color Therapy line is actually one of the most innovative nail product launches we've seen. What sets this line apart is a proprietary blend of argan oil, acai and evening primrose oil that is infused right into the color polish. The result? A formula that is more conditioning, hydrating and nourishing for nails.

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A photo posted by Sally Hansen (@sally_hansen) on

According to Color Therapy's advertising claims, the polishes infuse nails with "instant moisture" and "intensive nourishment" while providing up to 10 days of chip-resistant wear. Sally Hansen's vice president of global marketing, Jeremy Lowenstein, tells WWD that the product was conceived because the brand saw a demand in the market. “Color Therapy was inspired by ‘her’ telling us that while she’s hard on her nails and needs a break from polish-wear, she doesn’t want to go a day without color because they look dull." WWD also notes that market research shows that the demand for nail care and healthier nail color options are on the rise, up 5 percent this year from last.

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For consumers, this means we can finally stop feeling guilty about not giving our nails a break in between polish changes. The line features 38 different shades across three categories—rich tones, pinks and corals, and nudes—and will be in stores in November.

  • Cheryl
    Posted on

    Sally, over all I enjoy your products. I am someone who does her nails on a regular bases, I am 69, a former Make-Artist and have Really tried to keep an open mind about new things. COLOR THERAPY NAILS really grabbed my attention and the colors seemed catch my eyes. So, I purchased one and liked what happened. I thought it was a great idea to have a polish that enriched natural nails. But on me it was gummy even after drying, even though it was 7 hours later. Kind of sticky ,I used 2 coats. Well I am sorry it did not work for me, but I hope it will please other customers.

  • michele schulz
    Posted on

    when is this launching? I'm super excited to try it!! I love the other line of polishes by Sally I need to get my hands on this one. =)