Wear This for Three Minutes and Have Shine-Free Skin All Day

I am not much of a morning skin care person. Wake up, shower, splash some water on my face, serum, sunscreen—that’s about the max I have time/energy for before I go to work, and some of those steps, more often than not, are done on my trek to the subway.

So, when I saw Murad’s new InstaMatte Oil-Control Mask ($38), I was into all the benefits it promised—excess oil absorption, a long-lasting matte finish, lessening the appearance of pores, healthier-looking skin—but wasn’t sure if the three minutes of recommended morning application was going to be for me.

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Of course, just admitting that made me realize I may need to rethink my early-morning laziness (plus, you only need to use it once a week so all excuses are thrown out the window), so I gave it a try.

For starters, you can feel it working right of the bat in that deep-down clean sort of way. There’s a high percentage of salicylic acid, but it doesn’t make me red or reactive and I can definitely tell it’s somehow getting everything bad out of my pores without doing a number on my skin. There’s also the natural anti-microbial astringent of grapefruit extract, which not only gives it an amazing scent, but also tones skin without totally dry it out.

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Seriously, just doing this once a week makes skin look so much better, makes makeup go on so much smoother and pretty much eliminates midday oil slicks on the T-zone…only three extra minutes in your morning required.