Why This Celeb Aesthetician Says the Most Important Time for Your Skin Care Is 3 p.m.

Why This Celeb Aesthetician Says the Most Important Time for Your Skin Care Is 3 p.m. featured image
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London-based aesthetician Rowan Hall-Farrise is quick to admit she doesn’t stand in the mirror doing a half-hour skin-care routine in the morning. The international trainer for collagen-powered QMS Medicosmetics—which just made a splash at select Four Seasons hotels this summer—may not be the marquee name on press releases that go out during awards season, but you can bet she’s the silent skin-care magician working in the background to give nominees their radiant, red-carpet complexions (ask Renée Zellweger). She also just spent the better half of this year training aestheticians at the top spas in the U.S. on how to give a facial that “might leave you red, but will give you results,” delivering a philosophy that’s a bit outside the standard (see below for her out-of-box philosophy on moisturizers!).

Time Trials

“The right time of day to do you skin-care routine can be different for everyone. At the minimum, you should be doing a morning routine and an end-of-the-day routine. The body changes from day to night at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, so your night routine can be anytime upwards from there. I always do my night routine as soon as I get home or, if I’m working from home, then as soon as I’m done with day and finished with work—it is kind of a way for me to finish the day. And I always spend a bit more time in the morning, because I am a morning person. For your skin-care routine, it is not about finding time in the day, but finding the brain space. My sister does her skin care when she is bathing my nephew. It doesn’t always have to be about the 20 minutes to relax with a face mask—if you don’t have 20 minutes, try a sleep-in mask! I would split my morning routine up throughout the rest of the things I do in the morning.”

Morning Glory

“I wake up, make hot water and lemon, and take my collagen pills. Then, I will cleanse my skin with the Deep Gentle Cleanser, and I do that before I get in the shower so I’m not using hot water on my skin. I’m doing my exfoliation three times a week with QMS Active Exfoliant 7%, which I leave it on for 15 mins. I’m then drinking my water, deciding what I’m wearing for the day, and I’m doing anything else I need to do to begin the day. I’m not so much standing around waiting for the exfoliate to finish, it’s self-neutralizing so it could be on for a half hour, which is fine. After the 15 minutes, I wash away with a cooler water, get in the shower, wash my hair and everything else. Once I get out of the shower, I use the Hydrating Boost Tonic Mist and then blot dry. Next I’ll apply my Day Collagen, and that I’ll even take over my eyes. I’ll also use Epigen Daily Detox Serum after so I can massage it in on top of the Collagen Serum. I allow for the absorption of the serums and then moisturizer, depending on how my skin is feeling that day. Then, I always put on SPF. Always.”

Tea Time

“After I apply sunscreen, I will go back make another cup of tea, and take two-to-three minutes to allow for the absorption of my serums and moisturizers. It allows the SPF to settle into the skin slightly, and then I apply my Active Glow Moisturizer, and then I go back to do my makeup.”

Hydration Gauge

“[The best moisturizer] to apply depends on how my skin feels once I get out of the shower. That little bit of steam that you’re in can cause dehydration…so, if I get a bit of a sign that my skin is feeling tight, then I might want to go for a more hydrating moisturizer like Liquid Proteins Lotion, or if my skin isn’t feeling too tight, then I’ll go for more of lightweight hydrator. Depending on time of year—in the winter, I’ll need a bit more nourishment, so I might go for the Antioxidant Cream in the day. For me and how I view the skin, moisturizers are something you can change regularly, but you should always keep the same cleanser and serum—mainly because that is really where you see the most benefit for your product, and you want to allow your skin to get the full benefit of those products. Your moisturizer is working a lot more surface, so in my opinion, it is something that you can play around with a little bit more. It’s just how your skin is feeling that day. If it’s more irritated or feeling tighter, then soothe and prepare for the environment you will be in.”

Stimulation Station

“With QMS products and QMS treatments, we are always stimulating the skin without irritation. Dr. Schulte created our AHA exfoliator to stimulate your blood circulation, so that is a process your skin goes through—it is not a reaction that your skin is having, it is a controlled stimulation that were giving the skin. When you stimulate blood circulation, you bring nutrients to the surface of the skin, which allows for better absorption of any subsequent products or ingredients that you’re using. It also allows your skin to heal itself. If you have any scarring or anything, it helps with anti-inflammatory. If you have any breakouts, bringing blood to the surface of the skin helps to heal that from within. So you’re allowing the skin to feed itself from within.”

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