50+ Body Washes That Smell So Good, You Can Skip Perfume

50+ Body Washes That Smell So Good, You Can Skip Perfume featured image

Too often, the scent of body wash is fleeting, and you have to apply liberal spritzes of perfume before heading out the door. Personally, we think body wash should be working overtime, with the scent lingering long after we’ve dried off. So, we’ve rounded up the best-scented body washes that will transform your shower experience and keep you smelling so good that you won’t even need perfume.

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DedCool Hand + Body Wash 01 Taunt ($28)

DedCool is one of the hottest brands in fragrance right now, so if this is spotted in your shower, you’ll get major points. Taunt is one of the brand’s most popular perfumes, and it’s available in body wash. Once you smell the mix of bergamot, fresh dew, cassis, vanilla and amber, you’ll understand why the scent is such a hit.

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Iota Supervitamin Body Wash+ Detoxifying ($23)

This body wash is packed with skin-care goodies, including superfoods, multivitamins, multiminerals, prebiotics and postbiotics. The lemongrass and eucalyptus scent is earthy and unique, balanced by spearmint, citrus, May Cheng and peppermint.

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Isle of Paradise Brilliantly Bright Body Cleansing Wash with Vitamin C & Niacinamide ($22)

The beloved self-tanning brand recently added a line of body washes. This brightening body polish scrub is infused with vitamin C, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, so dull, dry skin doesn’t stand a chance. The energizing scent features a blend of grapefruit, pineapple and apple blossom.

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OffCourt Deep Cleansing Body Wash Coconut Water + Sandalwood ($14)

OffCourt’s body washes are made with post-sweat skin in mind. It uses glycolic and lactic acids to gently exfoliate skin. All three scents smell divine, but the Coconut Water + Sandalwood is our favorite.

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Plant Apothecary Start Happy ($20)

This body wash hopes to help start your day on a positive note. Sweet orange, bergamot, lemon peel, frankincense and patchouli leave skin happy and healthier and your senses delighted.

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Tree Hut Moroccan Rose Foaming Gel Body Wash ($8)

As a long-time fan of Tree Hut’s scrubs, I was excited to give the body washes a try. Moroccan Rose is my favorite scent of theirs, and I can confirm it lingers well after you rinse off.

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Beauty Pie Soil Providers Energizing Body Wash ($35)

This invigorating body wash has the same intoxicating scent as the widely beloved Dry Oil Sugar Scrub ($55), so you can now flow it into your daily routine seamlessly. Sweet orange, lemon, grapefruit, black pepper and pine team up to create a truly unique scent.

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Molton Brown Re-charge Black Pepper Bath & Shower Gel ($35)

Variety is the spice of life and this uniquely spicy fragrance is here to shake up your shower routine. This shower gel is packed with the vibrant scents of piquant black pepper, coriander and vetiver.

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Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash ($34)

The soothing, relaxing scent of eucalyptus, lavender and sandalwood essential oils bring this natural botanical cleanser to life.

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Maison Margiela ‘REPLICA’ Lazy Sunday Morning Shower Gel ($40)

Looking for a scent that’s as easy to love as a Sunday morning? This Maison Margiela shower gel is decadent and flowery. The scent lingers like a perfume—it’s hard to miss it.

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Paris – Biarritz Les Eaux de Chanel – Hair and Body Shower Gel ($62)

Is there anything more luxurious than splurging on a Chanel body wash? This scent is inspired by the Basque coast with Sicilian mandarin and lily of the valley accord.

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Flamingo Estate Garden Essentials Body Wash ($44)

Turn your shower into a California garden with the awakening aroma of this body wash. The fragrance comes from 100 percent essential oil of clary sage, Australian eucalyptus, Mediterranean rosemary and California lavender.

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Susanne Kaufmann Invigorating Hair and Body Wash ($60)

The scent bottled in this Susanne Kaufmann body wash is widely beloved by all, including many men. If you want your partner to graduate from a drugstore 5-in-1 shower product, grab this hair and body wash.

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Tatcha Forest Awakening Hinoki Body Wash ($34)

The inspiration behind this new launch comes from forest bathing, known as shinrin yoku in Japan. Research shows that immersing the five senses in nature through forest bathing is beneficial for lowering stress, improving concentration, boosting the immune system and more. Tatcha makes it easy by bringing the scent of hinoki wood to your shower for a mood boost.

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Tula Take Care + Indulge 2-in-1 Banana Pudding Cleansing Body Exfoliator ($36)

This new limited-edition collaboration between Tula and Magnolia Bakery smells as good as you hope it will. It exfoliates and cleanses skin, all while invoking memories of your first Magnolia banana pudding.

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Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Spearmint Body Wash ($15)

Bath & Body Works has an overwhelming amount of deliciously scented body washes, but one of their top sellers is the Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Spearmint, which is best known for its stress-relieving properties. The fresh herbal scent is reminiscent of a day at the spa.

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Kai Body Wash ($38)

Kai’s beloved signature scent of white florals can be found in this bottle. It creates a deeply fragrant foam in the shower that will carry into the rest of your day.

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Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser ($49)

For those that love a fresh, citrus scent, this cleanser is a one-stop shop. Geranium leaf, mandarin rind and bergamot rind work together to create a scent that will follow you long after you rinse.

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Being Frenshe Renewing Body Wash Cashmere Vanilla ($11)

Ashley Tisdale’s new line, Being Frenshe, has a handful of tempting scents. Luckily, at just $11, you can afford to try them all. Fun fact: Tisdale based the Cashmere Vanilla scent on the smell of Trader Joe’s Jasmine Rice fresh out of the microwave.

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Oribe Cote d’Azur Replenishing Body Wash ($48)

If you’ve used Oribe hair products, you know how heavenly the smell is, so it’s no surprise the body wash delivers on the olfactory front. This wash is infused with the brand’s signature Côte d’Azur fragrance, and reviewers say the smell lingered until the next morning.

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Beekman 1802 Fig Leaf Hand & Body Wash ($22)

Since we can’t say it any better, we’ll quote the brand. Beekman 1802 says this body wash will “leave you smelling like the child of a Greek god.” The lavender oil and signature goat milk lock in moisture while the smell of sweet figs intoxicates the senses.

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NEST New York Wild Mint & Eucalyptus Body Wash ($26)

As we write this, a NEST candle burns beside us. The brand is well-known for highly fragranced candles, so it’s fitting that its body wash would be just as captivating. This aromatic, invigorating scent is a great way to kick off your morning as it perks up your senses and primes your mind for the day ahead.

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Salt & Stone Antioxidant Body Wash ($36)

Smell like a luxury spa every time you step out of the shower after using this silky body wash. The zen-inducing scent will stick around for a while.

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Esker Restorative Body Wash ($28)

This unique, invigorating scent comes from natural ingredients. The combination of frankincense, bergamot, rosemary and ylang ylang will have you hooked.

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Weleda Hydrating Body Wash – Sea Buckthorn ($10)

“If you could fill your shower with sunshine, it would smell and feel like this,” claims Weleda, and they’re not wrong. The uniquely fruity and bright scent is a welcome surprise in a creamy formula.

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Ouai Body Cleanser for Dry Skin ($28)

Experience Ouai’s beloved “Dean Street” scent, inspired by the brand’s favorite street in London, in the form of a body cleanser. This scent promises to boost your mood with notes of citrus, apricot, rose, magnolia, amber, linden blossom and musk.

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Indie Lee De-Stress Body Wash ($24)

Don’t take our word for it—reviewers of this body wash claim that whenever they come out of the shower, people inquire why they smell so good. Not only do the scents of rosemary, eucalyptus, patchouli and lavender intoxicate the senses they also promote feelings of calm and clarity.

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Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body & Hand Wash ($50)

This Jo Malone scent is perfect for those that want to be reminded of the best bits of the great outdoors throughout the day. The scent is woody and earthy, perfectly grounding.

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European Wax Center Coconut Body Wash ($17)

The fresh coconut scent immediately transports you to a beachside store, and that’s not even the best part. This body wash slows hair regrowth using naturally derived narcissus bulb extract.

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Philosophy Fresh Cream 3-in-1 Bath & Shower Gel ($24)

Philosophy has many unique scents, from Pink Frosted Animal Cracker to Warm Cashmere, but the Fresh Cream is a classic, comforting scent that stands the test of time. You’ll smell straight out of a bakery when using this shower gel.

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Diptyque Revitalizing Shower Gel for Body and Hair ($55)

Widely known for its beloved candles, it’s no surprise that Diptyque makes a beautifully scented body wash. Bergamot, peppermint essence and almond extract collide to create a long-lasting, classic scent.

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Drunk Elephant Scrubbi Bamboes Body Cleanser ($24)

This exfoliating, antioxidant-rich body cleanser comes from the creators of top-notch skin care, so you know it’s good for your skin. The sweet vanilla scent that accompanies the jelly-to-foam cleanser is an extra treat.

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Mario Badescu Rose Body Soap ($8)

This body soap features the same scent that appears in other beloved Mario Badescu products. Infused with rosewater and rose oil, you’ll be smelling like a bouquet the second you step out of the shower.

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Farmacy Honey Bubbly Hydrating Body Wash ($30)

While the honey helps this body wash hydrate your skin, the hint of mandarin and fresh citrus help give it an irresistibly refreshing scent.

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ELEMIS Sharp Shower Body Wash ($39)

If you’re looking for a sharp, invigorating scent—this ELEMIS body wash is your best bet. It’s herbal, earthy and energizing, perfect for a morning pick-me-up.

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Lush Good Karma…Everybody Needs Some ($25)

The moment you walk into a Lush store, you’re overwhelmed by delectable scents and bright pops of color, so it can be hard to pick a product. While many of their body washes have amazing scents that stand the test of time, we like this citrusy earthy scent of patchouli and orange. While they rotate many scents in and out, this one has been a mainstay for 20 years.

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Corpus Santalum Body Wash ($30)

Sandalwood is the heart of this body wash, with strong hints of sandalwood root, Texas cedarwood and amber. You’re bound to get compliments on this one.

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Kosas Good Body Skin AHA + Enzyme Exfoliating Body Wash ($22)

This body wash is formulated specifically with those battling body acne in mind, but it’s great for everyone. It’s exfoliating and includes active ingredients to promote skin health while giving a fresh tropical scent Kosas calls Beachy Clean.

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Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash ($35)

In this body wash, warm, woodsy and earthy scents combine to create a comforting aroma. The scent of vetiver, balsam, frankincense, cedar, juniper, ylang ylang and maritime pine stay with you post-shower.

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Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Hand + Body Wash ($26)

Your hands and body can share the same sumptuous scent of eucalyptus. Snag this body wash if you want to feel fresh and energized every time you leave the shower.

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Moroccanoil Shower Gel Oud Minéral ($20)

Moroccanoil describes this scent as “invigorating and unexpected.” What you can expect is to feel like you’re on the coast in the Mediterranean with hints of Mediterranean sea salt, charred cedarwood and petitgrain.

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Saltair Santal Bloom Body Wash ($12)

The recent launch from model Iskra Lawrence has a variety of intoxicating scents, but we’re partial to the Santal Bloom. It features warm notes of sandalwood, sheer amber and sensual musks.

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Byredo Gypsy Water Body Wash ($58)

Notes of pine needle, sandalwood, amber and fresh citrus are just the beginning of this dynamic scent that aims to evoke the ambiance of a night spent in the forest.

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L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil ($29)

The warm, soothing smell of this classic shower oil wraps around you while you’re in the shower. You’ll notice that the nutty, sweet scent will leave you smelling like you just stepped out of a French bakery.

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Odele Clarifying Body Wash ($9)

This invigorating AHA body wash features a 100% natural fragrance. The main notes of bergamot and mint will leave you smelling like a full-bodied cup of earl grey tea.

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Sol de Janeiro Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel ($26)

Just like the brand’s delicious smelling lotions, this shower cream-gel delivers a yummy scent. It’s scented with Sol de Janeiro’s Ceirosa ‘62 fragrance, which has notes of pistachio and salted caramel.

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By Rosie Jane Wake the F*ck Up Everyday Body Wash ($25)

A bright, lemony scent is perfect for an energizing morning shower. This gentle body cleanser gets its sunny scent from a blend of essential oils, including lemon verbena, grapefruit, geranium and eucalyptus.

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Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel – Original ($8)

After washing with this, you may actually smell like you took a bath in the rain—in a good way. This scent is earthy and clean–a certified classic for a reason.

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Alo Mega-C Body Wash ($24)

One reviewer said this body wash from Alo smells like Trix cereal, and we don’t totally disagree. It has a light, energizing fruity scent to it that we can’t get enough of.

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Necessaire The Body Wash – Eucalyptus ($25)

This beloved body wash will transform your shower into a spa and leave you feeling relaxed and smelling great for hours.

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Sachajuan Body Wash Fresh Lavender ($45)

Let the smell of fresh lavender melt over your skin, along with notes of vanilla, musk and tonka bean. This body wash will quickly become one of your favorite daily habits.

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Le Labo Shower Gel – Hinoki ($34)

Le Labo is widely regarded as a master of delectable perfumes, so there’s no surprise the brand’s shower gel is just as alluring. Hinoki has been having a moment, so this combination is a no-brainer.

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Maude Wash No. 1 ($22)

This gentle, pH-balanced body wash is scented with amber, cedar leaf, clove, lemongrass, Medjool date and tonka bean. It also doubles as a bubble bath, so you can soak in the scent.

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