13 Beauty Trends Experts Say Are Officially ‘Out’

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There will always be a few beauty trends that pass the test of time (hello, classic red lip), but there are others that have overstayed their welcome. Here, we outline the top 13 beauty trends that are officially on their way out.

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Ombré Hair 

“The extreme ombré trend is definitely over,” says Kaytee Joyce, colorist at New York City’s Benjamin Salon. “Clients are asking for a more natural, sun-kissed look.” Laura Polko, Scunci celebrity hair stylist, adds that ombré and bright-colored tips are being replaced by balayage to get that “painted color” look. 

Another option that delivers a similar “freeform” look, according to Abraham Sprinkle, stylist and member of Keratin Complex’s International Creative Team: highlighting techniques such as combination overlays and reflects. 

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Too-Thick Brows

Boxy, drawn-in brows are officially a thing of the past. “Just because it’s on trend, doesn’t mean a thick brow is right for everyone,” says celebrity makeup artist Mary Irwin. “You have to take into consideration the shape and size of the face, and sometimes a thinner, more natural brow just looks better.”

Smashbox’s pro-lead makeup artist Lori Taylor-Davis explains that any brow that looks like it has been overly created to look like a brow should be gone and done with. “Brows should have a light and feathery look to them which can be subtly intensified with a specific makeup look.” 

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Going Grey Too Early 

According to Joyce, artificial grey and silver hair is also on its way out. “The trend can be very harsh and unflattering on most skin tones,” she explains. “I’m all for my clients wanting to try something new, but it still needs to complement their skin!”

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Lash Extensions Year-Round

“Don’t get me wrong, I love a look with lots of lashes, but I really wish extensions would go away,” says makeup artist Jenn Streicher. “I see a lot of women opting for them for a special occasion like their wedding, but others are including them as part of their general beauty upkeep. The problem is they look really great for two to three days then they start getting a bit wonky—some pointing up, others down or sideways—and they are damaging your real lashes! There are so many great lash serums on the market that are a much better alternative to making your real lashes fuller and longer. Or, if you are looking for a short-term solution, individual lashes vs. strips are the way to go!”

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Caked-On Makeup

Kristen Carriol, founder of Lano, says that over-contouring and just using too much product on your face is not the way to go. “It may still look great in a well-lit photo or under candlelight, but in real life it just looks too heavy.”

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The Flawless Blowout

A trend that is unfortunately being phased out, Vanessa Yakobson, CEO at Blo Blow Dry Bar, explains that the perfectly precise blowout is not as popular as it once was. “While that polished style still has appeal and lends a professional air, the trend is moving toward a more playful, ‘undone’ look as women embrace texture and volume.” 

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Tan Overload

James Read, tanning expert and founder of James Read Tan, says a trend he wishes would go away is when people are heavy-handed with their products and over-apply tanning solutions. “When you over-apply, you can end up looking quite orange. Wait until a tan has completely faded and get rid of the old tan before applying a new tan for a more natural, bronze glow.”

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The Too-Precise Cat’s-Eye

“The perfected cat’s-eye will always be a classic, but what’s more interesting in beauty right now is the grunge smoky eye,” explains Lindsay Ellingson, cofounder and creative director of Wander Beauty. “To create it, use eyeliners that can be smudged for a slept-in sultry look; I love to wear bronze hues for a wearable daytime look. Just smudge into your upper and lower lash lines and don’t worry about staying inside the lines!”

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Overly Dewy Skin

Ramy Gafni, celebrity makeup artist and brow expert, explains that this trend began as a backlash to heavy foundation. “Everyone wanted that JLo glow, but in their zest to achieve it, some ended up looking too shiny and oily.” Gafni explains that for a perfectly balanced look, the highlighter that imparts that dewy finish should be applied strategically. “High up on cheekbones, for example, and maybe one other spot on the face, like the bridge of the nose or the chin. Applying it to the eyes, cheeks, lips, nose and forehead all at once leaves you looking like you swam to the event.”

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Dramatic Nails  

From length to style, overly dramatic nails have come and gone. Celebrity nail artist Skyy Hadley says that the trend of overly patterned nail art has seen its day. “Nail art has shifted from crazy patterns to subtle lines and negative space,” she explains, adding that super long acrylic nails have now become shorter styled manicures with gel and shellac for a much cleaner, simplistic look.

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Contrasting Lips

At one point in time, wearing a dark liner with a light lipstick was considered stylish, but not anymore. Smashbox’s pro-lead makeup artist Lori Taylor-Davis says the look is a definite no, giving the example of a chocolate brown lip liner with a powder pink lipstick. “That look is so 1984,” she says, adding that your lip liner should complement your lipstick, not compete with it. 

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Bronze Overload 

A swipe of bronzer or a properly done sunless tan is a great way to warm up your skin and add a little life to your complexion. But, when overdone, it can make you look fake, or even worse, orange. Stick to a matte bronzer that won’t add any unnecessary shimmer to your skin and a tanning formula you trust—we recommend testing on your wrist before you apply to your whole body. 

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Heavy Lashes

With the trend of eyelash extensions on the rise, there’s no doubt that full lashes are the finishing touch on almost all makeup looks. But, it can be easy to get heavy-handed on the false lashes or mascara, resulting in heavy, clumpy lashes. Opt for thin but full lashes (and avoid dramatic or “artistic” sets) when purchasing a set of falsies, or consider eyelash extensions for a truly natural-yet-glamorous look at your next event. 

Photo Credits: Rosdiana Ciaravolo / Contributor/ Getty Images | Image Used for Illustrative Purposes Only

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