4 Fitness Routines That Give Results

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1. To See A Change In A Few Weeks: Work Your Core
Nothing looks better than a strong, lean, defined stomach. But, getting it is hard work. It takes time and a major commitment to the gym and, above all, eating healthy.

Why It Works:
Celebrity trainer Kit Rich says the stomach is one area where you’ll see a gradual change. “Within a few weeks you will feel stronger, in one month you’ll notice a change and after three months the difference in your stomach will be remarkable.”

The Right Way To Do It:
Cardio along with superclean eating are the cornerstones of a flat stomach. “When you are doing exercises like lunges, squats and dead lifts, the body has to balance itself from the core,” says Rich. “Just doing crunches and planks will help create muscle, but you most likely won’t lose fat in your midsection.”

2. To See A Change In One Month: Circuit Train To Build Muscle
Typically, it takes about one month to develop more strength and muscle growth should transpire about two weeks after.

Why It Works:
Women gain muscle slower than men, which is why it takes longer to see results from working out. On average, it takes women about one month to put on one pound of muscle. Celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza explains, “Women don’t have as much testosterone as men, which promotes muscle building and fat burning.”  In order to build muscle you need to first build strength. Otherwise, the muscles won’t have the proper support to grow.

The Right Way To Do It:
Rich says, “Circuit training and functional training are some of the best ways to gain muscle—you work the entire body with little rest between.” To build muscle, typically, you should do less cardio. Weight-bearing exercises work best for developing healthy muscles.

3. To See A Change In A Few Months: Do Full-Body Movements
To get your body tone, lean and in shape takes a serious commitment to eating clean and regularly working out. Not only will you feel good when your body is toned, but your clothes will fit so much better, too.

Why It Works:
When you begin working out the muscles can swell, signaling that the body is adapting to the change. “You may feel puffy, which is a response to the body switching gears,” Rich explains. Over the next few months the body will slim down and the results will be noticeable.

The Right Way To Do It:
Braganza suggests full-body movements. “I like burpees (start in a squat, kick back to a push-up, jump to a squat and stand up) and mountain climbers (plank, bring one foot forward and swap it for the other in a running motion). You need cardio, strength training and core work to achieve overall tone,” says Braganza.

4. To See A Change In 3 Months: Focus On Your Butt + Thighs
Cellulite is due to genetics and diet. Most of us will do just about anything to get rid of it (or make it look somewhat better). Eating healthy, increasing your circulation and working out can make a difference in areas that are prone to cellulite.

Why It Works:
Rich says you should see a difference in the texture of your skin and less cellulite around the butt and thighs in about three months (if  you’re working out at least four times a week and doing the right exercises).

The Right Way To Do It:  
Braganza explains that in order to minimize the look of cellulite you need to build up muscle in the glutes (butt). “Weighted squats and dead lifts are good as is Olympic lifting, where you lift heavier weights but do fewer reps. Combine those exercises with uphill cardio like walking, jogging or climbing stairs.” To fight cellulite on the thighs, Braganza says to do weighted lunges but add in intervals of sprinting with walking or even spinning. Pilates and yoga can be helpful, too, because the stretching action works to increase circulation and blood flow, which together improve the look of cellulite. Make sure to cut out (or at least majorly cut down) on sugar and salt as well.

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