Injectables And Fillers [ Wrinkle relaxers, Wrinkle erasers, Line preventers ]

The Nonsurgical Nose Job

How It Works:

Using hyaluronic acid fillers, like Restylane, or even thicker and longer-lasting injectables, such as Perlane or Radiesse, your plastic surgeon or dermatologist will inject the areas that you’re wishing to correct to camouflage any concerns. “There is a number of fillers used, but this technique can only correct minor problems,” says Los Angeles plastic surgeon Geoffrey Keyes, MD. The filler acts as a spackle of sorts to soften the appearance of any dents, bumps and humps. In less than 30 minutes, the results are seen (there may be some swelling, redness or bruising, which will subside over a few days). Keep in mind that your nose will physically be larger—although it may not look any bigger—than it was pre-injection since the filler eliminates unwanted bumps by adding volume.


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