Fat Melters And Fat Reducers

What Are Fat Melters

Noninvasive fat melting treatments are best for localized areas of fat (and are not intended for weight loss) and smaller areas because the tips of the machines cater to those parts of the body; surgical procedures can treat the entire body. But, because these technologies are still rather new, there are some questions about the predictability of the results, if any, how long they will last and if maintenance sessions will be needed.

How nonsurgical fat melters work: Regardless of the mechanism used (cold, heat, ultrasound or injections), all nonsurgical devices cause the fat cell to either break open or melt, due to heat, cold, laser energy or fat-toxic chemicals, and be excreted via the body’s natural metabolic systems. Even if the death of the cell is immediate, the visible changes to your body usually can’t be seen for a few months since the entire process, from start to finish, can take at least three to four months, if not longer, depending on your body type and metabolism. 

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