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Had a previous tummy tuck from other Dr. Wish I would of gone to him first. I was very self conscience about my tt scare it was too high and extended five to six inches past my hips of which was uneccesary in my opinion also belly button was very large. Dr Fuentes had very nice bedside manners and was willing to listen to my concerns and was very honest and realistic regarding end results. He is a perfectionist and very skillful. It's been approximately six months since revision. I've been very happy with results. My scare is very thin and was able to lower scare. It no longer peeks over pant waist nor bathing suit. He is awesome and heaven sent. Thank you soooo much,Dr Fuentes. He is highly recommended and five star surgeon. As a matter of fact I'm planing to have a face lift hopefully this upcoming summer. I won't go to anyone else. Forever grateful:)
Carolina, Patient Testimonial
Doctor Fuentes is one of best doctor. Professional and caring.
Dr Fuentes rescued me and gave me my self comfidence back.....he is my hero, I will never put my hands again in another Dr, never again.. i originally had butt implants done by another Dr in Tijuana that put me under general anestesia for over 10 hrs and letft my butt not only deforme but with a big seroma and even smaller that without implants,- yes you hear it right, you guys can imagen all i went thru, i was very depress and didnt want to be in public or wear any tigh clothing.. I was in the emergency room twice here in the USA, I was in bed for 3 months and Drs here in the USA told me that I need it to remove the implants ASAP. i was desesperate and very afraid of my life...I read a lot about Dr Fuentes but I was still not sure, i was afraid he could be another disaster and I couldnt survive another surgery like the previos.. i visited more that 12 differents PS and Finally on 08/2012 I put my life in Dr Fuentes hands,I remember haging him and telling him please save my butt. i was back and fort between him and other Drs, but i made the right decision, Dr Fuentes not only gave me my life back but my selfsteem, now I can have a social life again and look forward to every day activities..Dr Fuentes is very honest and very profesional, I had no pain at all with my surgery with him, i was expecting the worse since Previously I went to hell with the previous Dr...two days after the surgery when I was still resting and with my wearing still the warments I even asked Dr Fuentes if he really replaced the implants because I was not feeling any pain at all and he only took 30 minutes at the operation room and my previous one was over 10 hrs....is going to be almost a year of my butt implants replacement with Dr Fuentes and every day I am more and more happy with the results I have so much respect for him, I cant thank him enough...:)
I would recommend Dr. Juan Carlos Fuentes to everyone
Melissa Valdovinos
I have always wanted to fix my nose since 9 years old. I am 26 and finally got it done. I have always been very insecure about myself because of my nose. I am a good looking woman I think but had a big middle eastern nose. I emailed Dr. Fuentes and he gave me pics of what I can look like and sent me forms to read over. I felt very scared at first but after meeting him I felt comfortable. He is very professional and knows his job. I couldn't believe how painless my experience was. I went in for surgery, I took a pill they give me, I passes out cause I was up all night wondering how my surgery would go, next thing I know I wake up and I am in the recovery room. I swear I thought I was still waiting to go to surgery until the nurse told me I was done. After about 15 minutes of being up I got to leave. I picked up my prescriptions and went home. They provided me with a pass through the faster lanes which I loved. I stopped at CVS and bought Bruise Relief for $5.99 and went home. I cleaned my face and applied bruise cream then took my pill and passed out. I woke up with no pain or bruises! I was swollen but I honestly couldn't feel it but could see it. I never felt pain and if I felt uncomfortable I took a pill and no pain. I also never bruised or had black eyes. In a week I went back and he checked my nose, cleaned me up and took care of what he had to, put on new bandages to keep it from moving and I went home. In a month about half the swelling was gone and after I felt it went down daily. I took off my bandages after the second week and I already looked better even though I was swollen. After that everyday I felt better and looked better. It was a great experience for me. Its been 11 months and I don't need to feel insecure about my face. My nose goes with my face perfectly. The price was perfect and not expensive compared to the USA. I would reccomend Dr. Juan Carlos Fuentes to everyone. Next month is implant time! Any advice?
I had a tummy tuck and liposuction and am very happy with the results to date. My emails were answered promptly and there was no surprise fees or charges. The quote given was exactly what I paid. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Fuentes for any plastic/cosmetic procedure one would desire to have.

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