Chemical Peels [ Peels ]

Erase Wrinkles Without Surgery

Chemical peels that employ peeling agents like phenol penetrate deep within to remove the top and middle layers of skin. Once these dead layers are eliminated, most of the lines, folds and wrinkles on the face are erased too. One downside to deep peels is that, unlike a laser, the intensity can’t be controlled. But on the flipside, deep peels and lasers help to soften the leathery look of sun-damaged skin and the lines around the lips and mouth.

Secrets to Looking Younger:
 Chemical peels are not just limited to mild and medium strengths. In fact, the strongest type of peel available, a phenol or deep peel, can be done only by a plastic or facial plastic surgeon. Performed under anesthesia and boasting a downtime of about two weeks, phenol peels should only be done once in a lifetime and may cause demarcation issues.


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