Breast Reduction

What Is Breast Reduction

Naturally large breasts can not only hinder your self-esteem and put limits on your clothing choices, but they can also create medical problems like back issues, neck pains and rashes under the breast.

In some cases, women who have breasts that are too large for their body often experience irreversible grooves and indentations on their shoulders from their bra straps—the breasts are so heavy that the straps literally dig into the skin to create much-needed support.

If you’ve always been bothered by a chest that’s too large, a breast reduction is the only permanent way to reduce the size of your chest. Minimizing bras may help decrease how large the breast looks, but it won’t do much, physically, to the breast.

Whether you choose to make a dramatic change, and reduce your bra size by a few cups, or you’re just looking to go a bit smaller, breast reduction surgery offers up the best results for those who have big, heavy breasts. Keep in mind that once the surgery has been performed, the only way you can make your breasts larger (should you decide to) is with implants.

“Since weight gain can, in some cases, affect your result, it’s important that you’re at a stable weight before having the procedure,” says Grand Rapids, MI, plastic surgeon Dennis Hammond, MD.

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