Massive Weight Loss And Depression

Lap-Band and gastric bypass surgeries are increasing in numbers to help the morbidly obese achieve a healthier weight. Also increasing is the number of these patients experiencing severe depression after the surgery.

All patients should undergo a psychiatric evaluation before surgery, as the journey can be emotionally taxing; but this doesn't rule out the possibility of depression occurring later on. While one would think the transformation to losing so much weight should bring about happy feelings, the significant fluctuation of hormones and dietary deficiencies that can occur with massive weight loss are a likely culprit for depression.

Most important in massive weight loss is choosing a program, not a procedure. Nutritional and emotional counseling must be a very active part of the process, and support groups and expert contacts should be readily available to work through the sometimes stressful emotional days.

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  • Robin

    My daughter has the weight loss surgery done and she is depressed. she had said she wished she didn'tget the surgery done. I tried to talk to her, but she doesn't like telling me her problems, I want to help her, she started to drink every night, she messed up a new car and I need suggestions from people. She was crying when she was telling me all this. can somebody give me some feedback.

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  • JC

    I have just lost 80 lbs through diet. I quit Diet Cokes(12 a day) and my appetite mostly went away. But here I am 80 lbs later and being hit by depression. I use My fitness Pal to track my calories and have noticed a deficiency in several areas of my diet including Iron. When I exeercise my depression is better; but am seeing my doctor tomorrow for the first time with this issue. My wife keeps telling me how skinny and great i look, but since this hit me this week, I still feel fat. Loose skin, dragging around, no energy, and crying at the drop of a hat. I thought this was supposed to raise my self-esteem!

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  • texas diva

    I had weightloss surgery OCt 2012 and have lost 85 lbs. I am in therapy and my therapist recently told me she thinks I am depressed, although I am not sad just irriatble, cant sleep much and have lost interest in things. I told her when I had the surgery I was feeling great, then about 2 weeks ago it hit. She reminded me I said I was suprised I was not have a problem with what to do with my feelings...there is a workbook called "food and feelings", it is great. There is even a kindle edition. Its a good book whether you have surgery or not but have weight issues.

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  • ML

    What Ive come to learn, having "lost" over 25kg in the past, is that when we lose something we want to find it again or lose of a loved one = grief. Maybe our mental state is so overwhealmed by this large amount of loss that it doesnt know how to cope with this new way of life. Ive been there and became anxious and depressed. Im currently seeing a nutritionist who is showing me that protien and a small amount of carbs for the day is actually fixing my hormone imbalance + fixing up my nuerotranmitters. Weight loss is wonderfull to someones body but it just puts you out of your comfort zone, you have to get used to your new body (comfort zone), being slim and trim is far better for you than being obese with no self confidence. I hope ive helped in some way but really antidepressants are an epedemic in the western wourld and unless you really, really need them stay away from them because they cause weight gain in some people. Ive been there done that, you need to find a really really good modern nutritionalist.

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  • Lorena

    Hi, I am so THANKFUL to read all these comments ..When google brought this up I couldnt have felt more relieved :( sorry to all of you that relate to me. I have lost 130+ pounds On my own with diet and exceresise and am To now more depressed then ever before. I am VERY thankful for my weight loss but noone ever tells you how many side effects it will have on your life ( for instance your "friends" become Jealous.envious whatever the hell you want to call it. Your LIFE changes. AND NOT ALL GOOD!

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  • Sara

    While this is about extreme weightloss and not Atkins- 2 Atkins studies link low carb diets to increased depression ESP for people who had a preexisting condition. See: "But nutritionist Fiona Hunter says: "Although serotonin is made from the amino acid tryptophan which is found in protein-rich foods such as meat and cheese, eating a protein-rich meal actually lowers serotonin in the brain. "This is because when you eat a proteinrich meal you flood the blood with other competing amino acids, as well as tryptophan, which all fight for entry into the brain. Only a small amount of tryptophan is able to get through, so serotonin levels do not rise greatly. "In contrast, a carbohydrate-rich meal triggers the release of the hormone insulin which causes all amino acids, except tryptophan, to be absorbed into the cells. With the competition removed, tryptophan can freely enter the brain, causing serotonin levels to rise." Or try:

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  • Dude

    Ten years ago I lost 100 pounds in 9 months through strict diet and exercising 2+ hours per day. I was running 23 miles per week and was in perfect shape and health. Then I had a nervous breakdown and struggled with severe anxiety and depression for many years. I didn't understand. I thought my weight and size was the problem and magically everything was supposed to be great. Well, it wasn't. My marriage was in shambles, job a disaster, life all to heck. Over a ten year period, I gained back all of the weight and more. So, now here I am exercising (not near as much) and strict diet again and now having lost 40 pounds the anxiety and depression is starting to return. I think part of it is that the caloric deficit creates a physical stress on the body. The body tries to maintain. There's very little info on the net about weight loss causing depression. Everyone seems to think it should cure it. Most don't have a clue that it can go the other way.

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  • jasmin

    i got my gastric bypass on march 13, 2012.. as of todays date i have lost 169 lbs it has been the best thing i have ever done i thank god for giveing me yhe opportunity to get this done i am 41 lbs away from my target ... i have had a few moments were o did feel sad but then i realized it was food that o wanted and i dont feel that the surgery is not the solution for the surgery but a tool to help... i will admit it is hard to say no to.foods that havr always beeen there when i wanted them now i have to understand that i have to say no to alot of foods no matter how bad o want it ...

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  • kate

    I lost 120lbs some years ago, through diet and relentless exercise, and it was the most volatile period of my life, in terms of my mental health. In the years following the weight loss, I suffered the deepest depression I'd ever experienced. I totally lost my sense of identity, and had no way of coping with the appearance-focused attention that I got. This, combined with huge amounts of excess skin, was way too much to manage. People who lose significant amounts of weight, especially after decades of severe weight problems, should automatically be referred to counselling to help them to deal with the rocky emotional road that comes with such a huge life change. Nearly ten years later, I've regained the weight, and find the memories of how destabilising it was to be so physically different are a huge barrier to attempting to find a healthy, midway weight to aim for. If I'd known how hard the emotional journey would be, I'm not sure I'd have gone for the weightloss in the first place. Sadly, it's one of the darkest periods of my life.

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  • Okkie

    I have never been the cup is 1/2 empty type of person. I am 4 months RNY post op and have been really depressed the last few weeks. I want to cry all the time and it takes everything I have to just get thru the day. I know it will pass in time. I have lost 80 pounds since my bypass and would do it again, but I wish I had been more prepared for the emotional impact.

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  • Tammy RN

    I had my gastric bypass on June 18, 2012, just one month ago. I have lost 38lbs. I have had lots of complications including sepsis from an abscess in my abdominal wall. I was so excited to get this surgery now I feel it is the worst decision of my life. I have constant anxiety. I know part of it is my job situation. I am a registered nurse but since I am unable to work yet I have run out of my sick/vacation time. But I think there is more issues than that. I am hateful, rude and my immediate family almost hate me. I can not go anywhere because I have home health coming to my house to assist with changing my dressings. My wound is not healing because I can not eat. I am sick of feeling sick. I can not sleep at night. I so wish I had just decided to stay obese. I realize that already I have gone off my diabetes and hypertension medications and that should be a positive. But the negatives out weigh the postitive. I hate how I feel and who I am becoming. I would appreciate feedback.

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  • Anonymous

    I had gastric bypass in December 2011. Since then I feel so out of control, I don't know what to do. I've always been an emotional person and have been on anti-depressants for a while, but now it seems I cry nonstop. I saw a physichitrist before my surgery and he had told me I could very possibly become even more depressed, so I was well aware of what could happen. I get so angry with my husband. Every little thing he does, annoys me, even though we had some of these issues before, it has gotten worse. My doctor says I need to talk to someone, but that costs money and since being unemployed for a few years, I just don't have the extra income to spend. It seems like a vicious cycle. You need money to fix things, but it's the lack of money (and bills) that also contributes to my depression. As I sit here and cry, I can't help but wonder where I went wrong. I was suppose to get better. Physically - yes. Emotionally - no!!!

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  • June

    I am a therapist with a client who has the same issues as you. Operation then huge weight loss -( but unhappy and self-conscious and aware of being related to differently). I am looking for the best way to help this person. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you all.

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  • Littlemiss sunshine

    @ Anewmeiscoming we are the same age and I just had my procedure done this month.. Our personalities are very similar! If you see this please email me I'd really appreciate a friend my age who knows what I'm going thru right now! My email is

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  • Anewmeiscoming

    So I just had my surgery last week. I'm only 23 years old and was so excited about getting gastric bypass. One of my best friends got the procedure about 2 years ago so thank god I have her to talk to.Lately I have been been feeling different. I am a very happy person. People always tell me that I am the person they go to when they are sad or upset because I make them feel better. The problem I am having now is that it seems I am the one that needs the help. My friends are amazing. I love them to death but no one really gets what it's like. It's partially my fault because I dont like to talk about when I need help. They call me Mama for a reason. Mama is the fixer not the one that needs the fixing. Lol. I'm anxious about how people will see and treat me when I lose the weight. Im anxious about disappointing everyone if I don't lose 200 lbs. I'm sad that I had to do this. I'm disappointed in myself that I wouldnt do it on my own. I'm angry at the people who treat me like shit. I'm angry at the people who will treat me different when I get skinnier. I'm just sad, angry, and anxious where I used to be happy, funny, and put together. Thank you all for those you have posted. I appreciate y'all sharing your stories and I wish you luck in the future.

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  • anonymous

    I am almost 6 months out from a lapband procedure 10/2011, i was fine feeling great, down almost 60lbs, dr's say ive lost more weight on this band in less than 6 months, then most people lose in a year, yet im still not happy. in my mind im still fat, im still unhappy, i thought this would change as my appearance changed and the clothes started falling off, but just like alot of posts, im in a much smaller size but still worried about the little pouch i still have, or the muffin top in my new jeans, this past 2wks i just cry uncontrollably for no reason, my poor husband has no clue how to help me or what to say other than he loves me. i feel like im pushing everyone i love away, cause im snapping or crying so much it puts people in an awkward situation. im afraid to go on anti depressants cause all say side effects weight gain. i dont want to gain any more weight, i have been fat most of my life.. will i ever be happy? was i a happier person when i was fatter, did i make a mistake having the surgery cause the rest of my life seems like its falling apart

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  • Susie

    I too am grateful to find this site. I had RNY bypass two years ago and I have gone from 300 lbs to 160 lbs, which is my MDs goal weight for my body type. I had depression and some anxiety prior to surgery, but felt mentally strong, due to all I had to deal w/in my life. Following surgery I had complications and had my feeding tube in for 6 months instead of six weeks. During this time I had major anxiety and panic attacks. I felt that I could die anytime, not being able to eat and drink. I tried returning to work but the anxiety and panic would take over. I lost my job and was still sick, I received unemployment benefits, but no medical coverage. I am a single mom with two young children, I had no money and no medical coverage, no medical follow ups or mental care/medications. I was still losing weight but very depressed, and hardly left my house for a year. I did finally get coverage and mental/medication treatment, yet it doesn't seem to help. The doses don't get discussed pertaining to the bypass and absorbing, and when I bring it up, I am told I need counseling more, because that seems to be a lot of my issues. I am still confused. I have body aches, and was told I might have fibromaylasia(sp). It seems everything wrong with is now because of the surgery, when it used to be because I was fat. Sometimes I feel no one cares enough to figure it out. Since surgery I have lost the little bit of self esteem/self worth I had. I dont understand why or why I can't fix it. I also have Add and take medication for it, but have noticed my frustration and anger have increased. I have always been an honest person, and sometimes say things, not knowing people would take offense to them. well I seem to still do it,but now hear people are saying I think I am better then everyone else because I lost weight. I don't feel I can win withanyone no matter what i do. I am physically healthier and mentally .....still undetermined...but it is good to know I am not alo

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  • angie

    I will be trying something totally new that was on 20/20, CNN and Oprah. It’s called brain training. I already went and while doing the assessment I talked to a lady that was already on her las few sessions and she said that she had so much anxiety that she could even drive but after the brain training she is able to drive again. Also there was a your man that stated that he was so depressed that he wasn’t sleeping at all and after 15 sessions he is sleeping 7 to 8 hours and he felt like a weight was lifted and everything was bright again. Well taking my nice and I have faith that if God put this out there is to help his children get better so that they don’t choose a terrible end.

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  • anonymous

    I didn't have any surgery, but I lost a lot of weight (100lbs+) in less than year, and everything that has been mentioned before I feel. For a while I kept thinking the "saggy" part of my body was excess fat I still had to lose, until I was told it was excess skin. Honestly, I was out of control. I was "Big" for a large portion of my life, and I felt that If I was going to lose weight, i would lose it once and for all. So I did. I feel that the excess skin is the hardest to emotionally cope with, because it not only serves as a reminder for what we did to our body, but our struggle and accomplishment that we achieved to get to a healthier lifestyle. For me, I look at my body and can't stand looking at it because of the excess skin that hangs overs a little, stretch marks, and the possibility that I may never get the toned body that I want. But I keep on hoping and praying that it tightened and tones itself over time and with exercise. I have bouts of depression, and anxiety. There are days when I am happy and then in a minute, or in a day I could swing the opposite direction and be depressed, angered, frustrated, overwhelmed by my body and everything I have gone through. People tell me all the time how "thin or skinny" I am, and "What Happened?", "Am I Okay?". I know I have lost a lot of weight because of my clothes, and the excess skin, or the muscles I can see now, but I still worry what people think about me, or that I still feel like the size I was before. It's frustrating not being able to see what everyone around you sees. Sometimes when I walk past a mirror I don't recognize myself and it takes me a moment to realize that it's me. It's the most frightening thing, not recognizing yourself. It's an identity crisis, and I just feel up in the air. My priorities are now my looks, my weight, what people think of me. If I gain weight or lose too much. I love reading what e

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  • Gleebicus

    Lapband July 2009: I was married when I had LB but that ended before I'd lost much weight. Now, I have lost 150 lbs. I noticed that I was so angry and depressed about 3 months ago (although I'd been hurting for much longer than that, I just hadn't noticed before) but had had a lot of life changes and related it to them. I had already had difficulties with the new identity, but never thought to put the two issues together. Now I see it and I think I know how to change it (along with help). What I've come up with is that when I was fat, fewer people bothered to get to know me (or even look me in the eye), but when they did, it was because they saw my talent and intelligence. Now, the quantity of people that want to know have gone up, but the quality has gone down. Solution:get perspective. Had I been thin the entire time, people would have never changed how they treated me. I'm the one who changed and I cannot hold that against everybody else. The vast majority of people, men and women, had been shallow the whole time, I just wasn't exposed to it as much before. But I know I am not responsible for changing people, just myself. Another issue is that I had a goal, I reached it and then I was done. It is human nature to feel down when something is complete. Solution: create a new goal, a healthy one. For example, be a better parent, a better spouse, serve in the community, write a book... work towards something... anything. It helps to have a plan. Now, as a single looking to be happily married again eventually, I have to sift through a much larger number of men to find the diamond in the rough. I need to learn to accept that he will be attracted to me physically before anything else, and I cannot hold that against him. I need to stop judging the world because I feel the used to judge me. This is a huge personal growth. Depression is a sense of hopelessness, so find hope and you can climb out of this. I'

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  • Scaredgirl!

    i am scared of being extremly self conscious after my surgery on 6-8-11 i am scared i will have extra skin and never want to be seen in public again, i am afraid my boyfriend will not want to look at me or be grossed out. I was never the type of person to care about what other people thought about me but i am afraid that will all change after my surgery, i just want to be happy after my surgery not sad and upset and mad and depressed like i am now. AHHHH wish me luck. Good luck to you all thinking about being banded and to all of you who have been banded and are struggling ill be thinking about you all.

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  • Hannaa

    I just had a Lap Band put in a few weeks ago. While I am told that I have lost weight and look really well. I have been feeling really low and depressed my moods have been horrid one day I am good another I am not. This week I have felt like a kid with my moods its been really annoying. Only yesturday I decided to try a calming pill which really helped. I am so happy to be reading your comments it makes me feel like I am not lsoing my mind.

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  • Robert

    I had Gastric By-Pass in Feb of 2010. One year later I have lost 155pds. Male age 43 and 5'10, my friends and family think I am dying. But the doctors say i am perfectly healthy. I do have sagging skin on my butt and my stomach. It depresses me a little bit, but I am so happy I am thinner and healthier. But mentally and emotionally I am so screwed up. Before surgery I suffered from depression and anxiety and was medicated for it. But the past few months it has been worse than ever. Everything has changed. I am a completely different person and it scares me. I constantly live in fear. My nerves are shot and I don't know why. Its like I dont even know myself anymore, and I learn something new everyday. Some foods I eat make me nervous, I get a runny nose after I eat. I get strange rashes, things happen that have never happened before. I tried taking an anti-depressant and I had to stop taking it because it was causing severe nervousness and anxiety. I am out of control, new addictions are developing, strange cravings for certian foods constantly. I have gotten 15 Tattoos in 6 months and only had 1 before surgery. I drink alcohol all the time, smoke and drink coffee more than ever. I just don't know what to do. I take Xanex for the anxiety, but I dont think its working anymore since I lost all this weight. I know I have to see a therapist. I had no idea about the severity of emotional and mental distress the surgery can cause. There is one thing that I learned. The Phyc evaluation we had before surgery basically said I hope you dont think that this surgery is going to fix your life. Well I am broke inside and always have. Fixing the outside does not change how you are on the inside. Good Luck everyone...You are not alone..

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  • Diane

    So thankful to read the comments. I had gastric-bypass July 2010, I have lost approx 110 lbs. I'm not sure how I feel. Yes I am depressed, yes..i have this strange feeling as if I do not know who I am or how I am suppose to act. I have weighed above 400 lbs thru the yrs, lost 200 lbs on my own, diet and being a gym rat. I felt wonderful then, took pride in myself, loved the attention of men ( too much)and had a great time. With this I just do not feel well at all. My energy level is close to none. I have other health problems, no thyroid, hbp, cancer survivor, bi-lateral knee replacement. Its almost as if this time this weight loss is not deserved or it just does not matter as much as I thought it would. Sounds selfish, I apologize. I am very thankful I had the surgery. The after effects were not quite I expected. Would love feedback...Take care all....

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  • TroubledGirl

    Well i havent had weight loss surgery or lost nearly as much as anyone else here has, but since losing 50lbs im soooo depressed and my relationship with food is even more fucked up! Im in school and my life has changed i now get alot of attention from guys and have something special with this one guy who has a girlfriend but he's crazy about me and has been even when i was 20lbs heavier than i am now. All the boys stare at me alot and even girl compliment me alot and stuff... So basically im getting everything i dreamed of, so why am i more depressed about my weight than i was when i was 205lbs and the boys would even aknoweldge me and if they did i was just "that fat chick"! I guess i just expected to feel so good when all this started to happen but im not content with my body and i feel like i look the same as i did when i was 205 even though im 153 now. I still have 27lbs to go, so im hoping i wi feel good about myself when i reach that weight. I hardly eat anything nowadays... My foods today consisted of 6:55 coffee 8:00 2 slices of toast with marmalade and butter 12:55 half a chicken n bacon sandwhich and a fruit bag 6:00 lettuce tomato n tuna w/ ketchup n tropical juice drink 8:50 10 grapes Yes i keep a food diary and take pictures of my meals to moniter my portion size... Im worried i have an ED now as I keep within a strict 700-800 calorie allowance and i was allowed a pizza that had 462 kcal in it but freaked out worried that if i tasted the pizza i would lose control and eat EVERYTHING in sight and not be able to stop myself and i guess thats how i felt about myself before... *sighs* i dont know my life is definately better, and i would never go back but i jus think im more depressed about my body now, and although i prefer my relationship with food now, it sti soo fucked up! HELP! Anyone experiencing the same is welcome to email me at

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  • anonymous

    I had my gastric bypass 22nd Jan, and at first first i was feeling really well. Untill depression came and im a very angry person and very ratty. I am glad i had it done but need help in knowing how to deal with it. I feel alone in dealing with this, i would love to speak to any one of you im going to leave my email I hope someone emails me so we can talk further.

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  • Leigh

    I'm so happy to know I"m not alone in this. Where can we all get together to chat sometime? I had lap-band surgery 8 years ago and lost a lot, then gained, then got serious about changing my lifestyle and dropped all of the weight last year. I'm smaller now than I've ever been, but I'm also sadder, angrier and more confused than ever. I've had the excess skin removed which led to me feeling sexy and flirty, which ultimately led to an extra-marital affair. That affair has been the best and worst thing that's ever happened to me. It showed me that I had "settled" my whole life, never speaking out for what I want because I didn't think I deserved it. I'm in counseling now and trying to save myself and my marriage. My husband has been wonderful throughout this whole thing, though we now know that he's part of the problem. We're committed to our marriage and will make it through this, but the anger and resentment I feel towards him and myself eats away at me. There must be a forum where people like us can come together to discuss these problems! Is anyone aware of one? Can we make one?

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  • JayJay

    I thought I was the only one going through this....where do I start? I had my surgery in April of 2010...I started at 230lbs and now weigh 140lbs. A big change in a sort amount of time. I've changed so much in that short amount of time. My looks, my personality, my priorities, my attitude towards life and my husband. My looks have changed so drastically people don't recognize me. They think I'm my 21yr old daughters friend or sister. It's great for the ego but has caused alot of problems. I have three children 21, 16 & 11 and have been married 25yrs. My husband loves the transformation and feels like he has a new wife. He likes it when his friends call me "hot" but it makes me uncomfortable. He treats me like his possession and wants to know where I am at all times. It's nuts and has gotten to the point where I now do have someone I'm interested in and have had those feelings returned. I've traded my addiction from food to being self absorbed with how I look, smoking and having fun in an extra marital affair. I'm affraid my weight loss surgery is costing me more than I could have ever imagined. I'm spinning out of control and don't know what to do or who to talk!

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  • whathaveigottenmyselfinto

    Wow! its good to see im not the only one in this cycle. i started losing weight a year ago this month. i went from 540 to 225. i was hurting when it all started and needed something... anything to get me through my life. losing weight wasnt my initial intention. i had been stuck in a bed for some time and my body just wasted away. i was so angry, and i cant describe how weak and worthless i felt. the only thing i could think of to give me a place to vent and recover was a gym. i felt a need to keep going and going, kinda like it was all i had. as time went on, i found myself hurting inside more and more. i feel so angry and so helpless. i dont know what to do or who to talk to. the more people say i am looking good, the more i resent myself and what i am becoming. does this feeling go away on its own? anyone have any advice for a man looking to rebuild his life?

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  • cookiegirl

    i'm sooo pleased that I found this site. I haven't had weight loss surgery but have lost 80lbs in weight and I don't like me anymore. Having read a lot of the posts I can identify with settling for less when you were overweight and I guess now I'm not happy to do that anymore, so I am less accomodating and get angrier far quicker. I also get angry with myself for destroying my body, I exercise nearly everyday and hope that I will tighten up some of this saggy skin but I hate looking at it. I guess we've all got to keep strong and realise that physically we are all a lot healthier than we were and it is a major life change that we've been through and we have to accept and love ourselves. I guess I expected a lot of the personality traits I had before would miraculously disappear and that I would suddenly become more confident, given time I'm hoping this will happen...

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  • 4yearveteran

    I just passed the 4 year mark since gastric bypass surgery. I wanted to eat the whole day. I have lost and kept off 130 pounds. I obsess about and miss food every minute of the day. I get angry when others around me eat, especially carbs. Since my surgery I have gotten divorced and remarried, this time a slim husband who doesn't understand my struggle. I too hate the extra skin, the truth is I can afford plastic surgery it just seems to me that the extra skin is part of who I am, or who I was. I have felt depressed, angry, and at times suicidal since the surgery. When I voiced these feelings to my surgeon he told me I looked great and should be happy. Only those of us who have this struggle understand the pain. I never considered the mental health impact, as my insurance did not cover the surgery, when I decided to proceed with it I wrote the check and had the operation a week later. Somedays I wish I were fat again, I miss food and the comfort it brings. NOONE around me understands. I get sick of the questions about my small portions. I don't want to explain it to anyone. This is the most difficult struggle of my life amd ot os a secret battle I never share. I attend therapy weekly. It does not help. I would never have believed how hard this could be, I am educated, success, and smart, however this controls me and in some ways has ruined my life. I keep a photo in my office of "old fat me". I miss her. She was much happier than I am now. My advice to anyone who is and excercise, not the knife.

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  • anonymous

    I had my by-pass jan of 2009 i've lost my weight of 138 pds. I've always been sort of a meloncoly person but you all ae right depression comes with the territory but I wouldn't go bsck but would love to be in a better frame of mind

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  • anonymous

    I had surgery this past March 2010....within the last month I have started to feel really depressed. I have lost 75 pounds and feel great about that, but I just feel so sad all the time anymore. I am up all night and want to sleep most of the day....I take prozac but it is doing nothing for my moods. I am just so sad!

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  • anonymous

    I lost 70lbs on my own in the past year. Now after hearing everyone's comments of, "You're so thin, You look amazing, Can not believe how much you lost" I feel like I can never look good enough now. It is everything from my hair to my make up and down to my shoes and toe nail polish. What if my jeans are too tight and a little pudge sticks over? Or do I have back fat? Gosh, What kind of Monster did I look like before? Yes, I am sensitive and I need to get over it (30yof) but these feelings can not be avoided....I guess I will just continue to spend hours changing my clothes and doing my hair and make up every day till I get over it. Another Thing I can not stand is the fact that I think some women I work with treat me different because they are jealous of my weight loss. As pretentious as that sounds, They really think I am coming off better than them because I lost weight...Even the thin ones...So many things that others dont understand, and I couldnt even start explaining it to them..

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  • anonymous

    Surgery ... 03... I thought was going to be the best thing in the world. I was so excited and believed that if I did exactly what I was told by the doctors (surgeons and mental) and followed the diet and vitamin my health was going to be what it should have been. I did follow the plan strickly and to a t. I lost 155 putting me at 150. I am 5'8" so that was great. I was 25 at the time and never dated. I had been ashamed and afraid. I was stole adjusting to the new me and did not rush that. I remember at the beginning of the weight loss of dreaming about a real date. Not just going with a friend some where. Now 7 years later I still not not found the results I had hoped for. My weight is still gone. I may fluctuate 5 lbs. I am now extremely depressed and bitter. I have all this disgusting skin and a deformed body.I am w/a good man,I love.He tries to understand. 7mns no sex and I don't want him to have to touch me and I want him never to see me unclothed.This is not a healthy life.I had the surgery for a chance to have a healthy life and improve my quality of life. The insurance quickly approved my need for the rny gastric bypass.The terrible body with dropping skin the surgery left me with has left me in a deeper shell than the weight ever put me in.My health results from all the blood work that they monitor is now perfect, but my mental health is 50 times worse.I am depressed and angry and hate mirrors and clothing.Clothing doesn't fit right when it is covers rolls of hAnging skin.I still wear no bathing suits and no shorts.The surgery left me more mentally unhealthy than I ever was physically.Rarely a day that goes by that I don't wish I could take the place of a happy person that had to die. Happy people enjoy life. I don't anymore. Insurance does nothing to help w/reconstruction of the body leaving a physical improvement but worse mentally. This is a 2 part surgery, weight loss & body reconstruction. It takes both 4 the improved quali

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  • motorcycleman

    I had the surgery about two months ago and I too began to feel very depressed and anxious. I was begening to feel real weird about it until I got on this site I am so glad you all are here. I will visit more often. I will sleep better knowing I am not alone.

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  • Patrick

    I have not had weight loss surgery, but I had been overweight all of my adult life. I have lost 75 pounds through diet and exercise, and feel that I have really made the lifestyle change to keep the weight off. I feel like I look good, but honestly I am tired of the attention that I get from people concerning my weight loss, including the questions of how I did it and the constant scrutiny over what I am eating at family gatherings and such. I am happy that I have lost the weight, but my wife gives me a hard time telling me that I only care now about myself and that I am selfish. Honestly, I am having a difficult time with many people in my life. Now that I have overcome the weight, I want to change other aspects of my life that I have been settling for. I do find my temperment more angry and sad than I typically did before the weight loss. Overall, I know I am more healthy. Though I don't think I am any happier now, I would never go back. Now at least I am treated better.

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  • girlfromplanetearthormaybenot

    hi i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has posted,,this is what i was looking for,,,i thought i was alone in all this...... i havent myself went to through the surgery ,but i am dealing with my weight all my life..and it is a total pain... i have started with raw foods diet about 4 months ago a,then i was 182.9 pounds,now i am 167.5 it is not really a fast weightloss....but i still am very emotional .....i have been emotional all my life due to my weight problem !!!!!! how f...d up is that......but i guess its something we have to deal with....i think things happen to us for a reason.....i deffinitly feel like i am becoming stronger person going trhough all this things.......but emotions are all over me all the time....i have some anger issues as well.....i cry a lot.....but the weight is coming off,slowly but steadily and exercise and being positive are big part of matter how shi..y you feel now you shouldnt give up!!!!!!! peace & Love

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  • Amber

    I was 265 lbs when i was 12 years old and by 19 i'd dropped to 122, but i'd yoyo-ed up and down 80 lbs at a time, through bariatric medicine, dieting, starvation, bulimia, binging, and obsessive exercising.. I've been through a lot. And a lot of changes. I also feel terrible anger and depression about my body. I had a tummy tuck to remove some of the excess skin in the front a year ago, but i'm still livid with myself most of the time. I cry at least 4 or 5 times a week. All i ever think about it how guilty i feel for destroying my body, and how beatiful i could have been if i hadn't allowed myself the "sin" of becoming fat I really with there was a unifying kind of "diagnostic term" or whatever for this kind of depression, so that i could find other people and support. I constanty wish I could talk to someone who knows what it feels like to nob be in the right body. I think transexuals and I would get along.

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  • Anonomous

    I have been overweight since junior high. I am now 51 and had my procedure in Feb 1010. I have lost nearly 50 lbs and am feeling fine physically. What I am feeling emotionally is a lot of anger. I can barely stand the sight of my husband and am disgusted with a lot of things I accepted in the past. I have realized that being obese makes us settle for less. We are viewed as less desirable, less valuable and less entitled to the best life has to offer. To this I now say "go to hell" and am worried about how this will impact my life. I am no longer the "sweet girl" who took all kinds of abuse. What I don't want is to become a skinny menace to society!!!

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  • Mike

    I had gastric by-pass in 2002. Following the surgery I rapidly lost weight; some 250+ lbs. Of course have the dreaded loose skin and saggy areas, but one unexpected outcome was major depression. I had been fairly upbeat and happy prior to the surgery. I was never a drinker. Following surgery got hooked on Xanax for severe panic/anxiety and then began to drink and was into full blown alcoholism. Now in recover and learning to cope with the depression. I just didn't connect the two until treatment and rehab. It seems this happens to some of us. Of course I was prone to the addictive personality and ate to cope before. I would still do the surgery, but wish I would have had a LOT more info. on the psychological side-effects that are possible. Knowledge is the best defense...that and seeking help RIGHT AWAY if there is anxiety, panic, depression, or mood swings. Above all, don't try a drug or alcohol to cope. It is a dangerous and slippery slope. Best wishes to all !

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  • JAG

    I did not have weight loss surgery but lost 105 pounds (45% of my original body weight) through diet and exercise and am dealing with some of the same feelings you have described here. I had been overweight my whole life (I'm 28f) and have maintained my weight loss for 2 years (lost it in '07). A lot of what I have trouble with is waking up and looking in the mirror and seeing a 230-pound person. I also am having a lot of anger about the way I used to be treated when I was overweight. My plan is to talk to a counselor because it's starting to interfere with personal relationships (namely dating). This is a great article and I feel like this is one of the least talked about and most serious aspects of significant weight loss for a lot of people.

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  • anonymous

    I am so glad to read that other people have anger issues and depression after gastric bypass surgery - I thought I was alone. I don't know what to do though - my local gps are useless and don't understand anything about the surgery. I've tried contacting the hospital but it is difficult now to get an appointment. I need help!!

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  • Pattie J

    Had Rue-N-Y in April of 08. I have lost about 185 lbs, but now i am worried that I have anger issue, went to see a therpist, and I feel that there is depression involved and I would like to see it taken care off, I have been feeling sad and like I am alone in the world, I still go to work an I have not wanted to take any medicine for the side effects they have. I do not feel like I could hurt myself or anything like that. My friend and family have tried to help; but don;t know what to do. Any information would be well accepted. Have had many issue with ulcers from the surgery, and the Doctors don't know what to do I take all the med's and vitiams they give me I think this is the cause.

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  • Anita W

    I underwent the gastric bypass surgery in Aug of 08 and Now am dealing with a unexpected anxiety about skin and depression I feel like I did before I went on medication for depression I take cymbalta 1 a day and it was helping but since the surgery my depression has worsened my self image has not changed but gotten worse I plan to go and talk to my doctor about all this but I cannot help to wonder why this was not explained in detail to me before I considered this procedure but I guess looking back I made a choice and it was mine alone and I am thankful to God for sending me the the greatest surgeon to perform this difficult task in making me diabetes free. I was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance in the brain so I am sure that the changes in my body are the cause of this side affect I just hope there is something out there to help with it.

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  • This seems to be a pretty common tale. My fiance's mom underwent this procedure just over a year ago. She's experienced tremendous weigh loss and was advised by her physician to join a support group to discuss the challenges that come along during the weight loss and the psychological effects of her body in a new way. She often tells me it was the smartest advice she's ever gotten. Additionally, I know excess skin following the weight loss is an anticipated but not expected outcome. From the people I know who've undergone these procedures, their biggest insecureities comes from the excess skin. I think there are a lot of worthwhile follow up proceedures that can help women and men deal with this - however, I feel that it's the least discussed outcome from the procedure and causes a lot of emotional unrest among patients.

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  • I had gastric bypass 4 ears ago. I lost 175 pounds and feel healthy and strong. physically i am doing great. Emotionally not so good. I am currently working with my dr and taking anti-depressants, which has been a nightmare. All of the dosage information and affects are based on regular stomachs. So we have been trying to refine dosage and timing for several months and I am still fluctuating greatly. I attend a 12step program as well as use a eating disorders therapist...WOW, I know it will pass, but the lack of information available to my dr and pharmacist on this challenge is frustrating. feel free to contact me to chat...Florence

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