It's Arrived! The First CC Cream is Here

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We told you they were coming, and the day is here. Well, almost. This October, Olay will be the first big brand to unveil a CC cream stateside. The next generation of BB cream (blemish balm or beauty balm), CC cream (color and correct) is similar in that it is an all-in-one skin-care product that provides a quick and flawless finish for women looking for even skin tone, except it's oil-free.

BB cream, which has recently gained mass popularity in America, is a favorite among young women as most varieties address blemishes, while providing a makeup primer and moisturizer to boot. CC cream, however, will have the aging generation excited. The Olay Total Effects CC Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer ($22) will provide an instant color coverage as well as long term skin-care benefits for women concerned with wrinkles and sagging skin.

The moisturizers will supposedly treat seven signs of aging including tone correction, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, while also providing immediate color correction and UV protection.

Are you jazzed about CC creams, or you have yet to try BB creams?



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  • Karin B.

    Nina, that's right !!! I saw this sticker too ... very disappointing.

    Posted on
  • Nina

    The original CC Cream was first launched in Asia by Rachel K Cosmetics. The Olay CC cream os nothing else than an already existing moisturizer on which they put a "CC" sticker to surf on the CC cream craze this year. Thumb down!

    Posted on
  • Sheri

    Very excited to try this product!!

    Posted on
  • Tina

    Does it come in different shades? I've tried the Chanel one and I love it, but it's too light:

    Posted on


    Posted on
  • Cindy

    Where can we buy it?

    Posted on
  • Kerry

    My Dr. Brandt BB Cream is the best- tried it for the first time in the TestTube and never looked back!

    Posted on

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