Poll: Have You Suffered From Adult Acne?

Even the most beautiful women in the world have their flaws. And Salma Hayek is no exception. This Latin beauty has long been the center of attention for her killer curves and flawless skin, but it turns out that wasn't always the case.

Hayek revealed her struggles with adult acne in a recent magazine interview that proves she's not much different from the rest of us. "I had acne. And this acne was so bad, it sent me into a severe, severe depression. Like I couldn't leave the house. I'd wake up in the morning and lie there and touch my face before I got up, just to prepare myself to look in the mirror."

Acne at any age isn't just a nuisance, it can be extremely traumatizing, much like it was for Hayek. And unfortunately, dermatologists are finding that adult-onset acne has become increasingly common in recent years.

That's why we want to know about you. Do you struggle with adult acne? If so, tell us how is has affected you in the *comments below.

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  • lila

    I started having cystic acne at 11 yrs. old. My face ,chest and my back. Terrible large oozing sores all over.I would bleed through my blouse at school and work.My mother took me to countless doctors. I feel like I've taken every remedy and used every soap and cream there is. I've used accutane 3 times. Had to use generic the last two times. Didn't think it helped at all well. Was on birth control pills also. They caused me to have black facial hair. Well iam 56 yrs. old still fighting this horrid thing called ACNE. I feel for each and everyone who knows this too.

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  • mnm2273

    I had the clearest skin as a teenager, often going to bed without washing my face. I started to get breakouts on my chin and jaw in my 20's. I was on Birth Control pills for years and had pretty clear skin. I can no longer take bc, as I have migraines and my doctor won't allow it. I have tried so many products, and nothing has really helped. I have changed my diet and typically don't eat diary with the exception of yogurt. Over the years I have accumulated so many pih marks that my chin is just plain red. I'm just so tired of dealing with this.

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  • Emily

    Hi. I am a medical aesthetician at a doctors office and i have to agree that diet and hormones have a lot to do with cystic acne as well as the type of external products that you use on the skin including makeup products. I agree that getting the right vitamins into your diet is extremely important. Esp vit a, c, e, and biotin. Drinking water and green/white tea as much as you can is important. You also have to remember the more foods you put in your body ie meats, milk esp that are not organic are going to add extra hormones into your body that you dont need and can screw up your bodys natural balance. After you have mastered your healthy skin diet you should look at what your using topically. I agree that organic skincare is a wonderful option to balance skin but if its not enough ask your doctor about Ziana and Tazorac. Both of these topicals work well for stubborn oily skin and helps reduce hyperpigmentation. No need for birth control or spironolactone long term. Start working with diet first and i promise it will help your skin. :-)

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  • danny grande

    am 29 years old for the past 6 months i suffer anxiety, but a month ago i start suffering from acne its not causing me no problem. i have 3 kids..

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  • brian

    My wife swears by Colvita a natural collagen produced here in Poland. It seems all the women use it for anti aging and skin care and problems like acne. I use it for my hip pain, with truly great results, and i noticed i have better skin especially since it is summer here have not burnt and seems to maintain tan pretty well.

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  • Ariah

    I started getting a few minor pimples on my cheeks when I was 16. My doctor prescribed me doxycycline pills and benzaclin cream. My face cleared up almost instantly. When I turned 20, I started getting those minor pimples again on my cheeks, nothing serious but I didn't like it because I was used to having clear skin. I was put on birth control pills. Supposedly it worked wonders with acne and many other things. WORST DECISION EVER! I broke out like never before with those pills. Cystic acne all over my cheeks AND jawline! I am not exaggerating when I say that I had the biggest, most red painful bumps on my face. Not a single area on my cheeks and jaw were clear. It even HURT to smile! It was devastating of course. I was always crying because of my face. Well I got off the stupid bc and my doctor put me back on doxycycline and it helped so much. The only problem was, I didn't want to continue taking something so harmful to my body. But, my skin cleared up by 21 and was left with 1 pitted scar on one cheek and like 5 of them bunched up on my other cheek. Gross! I hate my face. Well at 23, I started breaking out AGAIN. Not as serious but my skin didn't look pretty. I went to my local farmers market and purchased a bottle of herpanancine skin vitamin pills, which contains vit a, & e, minerals selenium & zinc. This truly has worked wonders on my skin. I only take 2 pills/day because more than that is toxic to you're body. It's been a slow process but its been 4 months already & I don't have any cystic acne. I still have the same pitted scars though and I was left with dark hyper pigmentation marks that are slowly fading. Along wih the pills, I wash my face with an all natural face wash that contains tea tree oil. I exfoliate my skin 2/week with an all natural exfoliator, & I mask my face with aztec clay mask 2/week. My skin is doing so well without those harmful drugs. The most pimples I get are like 1 or 2 pimples on my face that only last 2 to 3 days. It's AMAZING!

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  • Camille b

    I bought Citrus Clear for my 13 year old who was starting to get pimples around his nose and mouth. The next morning after the first use we could tell a difference. Less pimples and the ones that he did still have were smaller and less red-and this happened overnight. So far this system is working great! Do not use the Tangerine Tingle though - it irritated his face, but the Citrus Clear face wash did work!

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  • tickedoff

    I'm an 80 years old male and the problem started a few months back. At first I thought it was caused by diet related issues, but now I don't think so. I have cleansed the affected area with rubbing alcohol and with medicated deep cleaning OXY pads, but nothing has helped. There are many mornings where I have to squeeze up to a dozed pimples, and as a result I'm down to shaving only two or three times a week. I think that stress may have something to do with it, as my wife of 57 years has come down with some very serious ailments. Growing old is not for the faint of heart!

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  • anonymous

    i am 33 and i have to kids and im suffering from acne

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  • Swiny

    I'm almost 40, and recently get these acnes and i couldnt stand not to pop it and now leave a mark :(. I still dont know what happen with my skin or my body. My skin never like this before. Anyone can help??? thankyou

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  • over it!!

    Gah!!! I hate when my face clears up and i'm hopeful that these dark spots will go away, "acne free and my future opens up" BUT the next friggin day I get this deep painful spot (1 or more) and then it like a freakin surge pushed all these annoying pimples to the surface!! Oh, and because my coffee traveler touches my nose every time I drink from it--I get a big pimple from it!! WTH! My s/o kisses my neck--pimple two hours later!! I am 30 year old female and soo tired of being the cleanest person to my skin and nothing to show for it!!!

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  • PimpleVill

    I have always had mild to moderate to severe acne. I went in Accutane in my early twenties. That helped but I was not completely acne free. Again in my thirties my acne started to become so severe I was embarresed to live home, but I have to work. My advice is: 1) get your hormones checked. My testosterone is 3 times higher than it should be for a woman my age. 2) find a facialist. It is expensive - appx $120/month to see a quality Aesthetician/facialist. I am not going to tell you I am acne free, but by having a professional handle the extraction process it begins to lessen the everyday breakouts. They get through the inflamed and clogged pores before the breakout happens. My face is 85-90% better. Do not let them talk you into expensive creams until you trust what they say. Lastly the only moisturizer I use now is "old school" Ponds (blue lid) and my skin is so much happier for it. Good luck and pinch pennies so you can get an acne facial every 4 weeks.

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  • Cynthia

    Hello everyone! I'm a 42 year old acne sufferer. I've been battling this for so many years that I don't think I've ever had a clear face. For the past couple of months I've been waking up with clusters on my face to the point I would have to pop them because the pus was coming through them on its own which would then leave small holes in my face. The scaring is so bad and I'm so embarrassed that going out in public is something I wish I never have to do. Been on minocin, doxy, and solo. All made me sick but mono was the worst. I have spots on the palms of both hands and fingers from the antibiotics. My next step and last resort is accutane. I don't want to put anymore drugs in my system but unfortunately waking up everyday calling myself ugly is becoming worse than any drug I think I could be on.

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  • Sandy

    i have had acne since i was 14 and now i'm 24 and still getting acne. i thought it was going to go away when i got older but it didn't. I've used every product out in the market and nothing! at first my skin gets clear but withing a few weeks my acne comes back and the product no longer works, i feel like my skin gets use to the product so it only works once. i went to a dermatologist and my acne went away for a year but as soon as i stopped taking the medication my acne came back. now i just let my acne do whatever it wants, i gave up a long time ago.

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  • Theresa

    Oh, and to BumpyMe. God love you, you poor person. Just wanted to wish you love and luck for your future and hope you get a lovely family soon. X

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  • Theresa

    I had the implanon contraceptive implant approx 2 years ago and began getting huge spots which got worse and worse. I had spots as a kid but clear skin in my late teens and early 20s. I'm nearly 31 now and felt I could really do without acne. It made me so miserable. Paranoid that people were looking at it all time and hugely self conscious. I insisted my GP refer me to a dermatologist (a friend had been on roaccutane previously, working wonders). I'm two weeks into Roaccutane prescription now and I'm very hopeful. My husband and I are delaying starting a family so I can be on this treatment. He's very understanding! Especially as he tells me my skin was never that bad! Bad skin is miserable. Why put up with something that makes you sad?

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  • Angel

    Yep. I had horrible cystic acne growing up & when I hit my mid-twenties, I don't know what happened but they magically disappeared. 10 years later, they've made a comeback with a vengeance. Current count, 9 cysts on my face when just 3 months ago there wasn't a spot to be seen. This REALLY sucks.

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  • Jessa

    I had clear skin all throughout my teen years and at 26 I started developing acne. It was mild at first but was getting worse and worse as the months went on. Thankfully at 27 I started working for a dermatologist. He put me on a course of Accutane which worked like a charm. Now I maintain my skin with Differin cream at night combined with a vitamin c serum. I don't even have to wear foundation anymore!

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  • Miriam

    Hi everyone! I usually don't comment on posts, but just wanted to share what seemed to help me. I started going to a dermatologist at 12 and still see one off and on. I've been on Accuatane 3 times, at 17, 22, and 27. The last time I took Accutane I got panic attacks, so I wouldn't do it again. My derm physician's assistant has diagnosed my current acne as mainly hormonal (I'm 31) and taking spironolactone has helped quite a bit. If it flares up really badly I have some antibiotics, but I have pretty much weaned off them. Also, I know that some dermatologists claim that diet and acne are unrelated, but I completely DISAGREE! I eat mainly unprocessed, whole foods, and avoid dairy, refined carbs, and sugar like the plague! The only dairy I consume is whey protein after lifting weights (I tried plant protein and noticed decrease in muscle mass, whey is still dairy I know) and occasionally other daily once per week if I'm having a "cheat meal." Look at so-called "healthy foods" and you would be surprised at how much sugar is disguised under other names, such as "agave, brown-rice syrup" etc. If you like protein bars (like I do) try to make your own. Bodybuilding.com has some protein bar recipes, I think they are posted under "Jamie Eason Live Fit." With the food, eating more omega-3s seems to help my skin as well. I have learned to love salmon and sardines and in a variety of different ways. I highly recommend the book "Feed Your Face" by Dr. Jessica Wu, which explains the link between diet and your skin. Lastly, I don't use a lot of expensive skin care products. Retin-A at night with 2% hydro. on hyper pigmentation. Clear Brillant lasering also greatly helped decrease my dark spots from hyper pigmentation, 1 treatment per month for 6-12 sessions. Yes, it can be expensive but it made my skin look better so I'm happy. Sorry so long! Wanted to share what helped me. I'm happy to share any of my experience if you have questions at miam5@ hotmail.com.

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  • Heather

    yup, I'm in the same boat. 50 years old and still plagued with acne. I use Proactiv products and this seems to have helped... somewhat.

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  • BumpyMe

    I have suffered from Acne since I was 12 at 28 years old I finally went to a dermatologist who immediately noticed a lump on my neck. After a few tests we discovered I had graves disease (overactive thyroid) after my radiation treatment to slow down my thyroid and a year on retin-a my skin was finally presentable. I am now 34 and just started suffering from another bout of acne although i was elated to find out it was because I was pregnant. Was. It has been 5 weeks since my miscarriage and though we were not planning it, another baby is very much wanted so I am now officially trying again. This also means I will have to deal with the horrid bumps, pimples and almost boil looking mountains and craters on my face... I really hope I get pregnant soon.

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  • Lindsay

    Spiro has been a godsend for me. I had tried every pill and topical, including Accutane, and nothing worked to clear up my acne. I really believe a combo of Spiro, the right birth control, and a good skin care routine can work miracles. It took several months for this combination to work for me, but after giving it time, I'm so glad I was patient. Also, picking at your face makes everything so much worse!! It's only human to want to pop zits, but my skin has improved tremendously when I just back away from the mirror and not attack my face. You won't have a scabby, crusty mess on your face that takes much longer to heal, and you will not spread bacteria to surrounding areas, ultimately causing more acne.

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  • mbe

    I've suffered from acne since 9yrs old! My mother felt so sorry for me that she took me to countless dermatologists. When I became a young adult, my mom took me to a doctor who put me on Accutane. The huge cysts stopped, but I'm allergic to refined sugar...so every piece of candy gives me a couple of small pimples. But, my secondary problem is my brown complexion - hyperpigmentation (scars from old acne and new). I'm too dark for those agressive lasers, and too sensitive to use the retin-A. Oh well.

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  • floxy

    I am 30 years old, before now i bear a flawless and very smooth face and always the envy of people in my immediate environment and any where i go.But resently precisely last Month September 2012, i started having pimples in my fore head which are red and big,it gave me concern and since that time till now it has spread all over my face and really look horrible,really dont know what to do, it is so surprising and unbelievable to me and my siblings. But before this just started living with my husband fully since after my wedding, I don't know if their is a contributary factor to that please help me. 30/10/2012.

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  • T

    My situation is a little different. I used to have nice enough skin to where I would have people compliment me on it. I took care of it too. Now, since I started my first year of college, I've notice I have alot of acne. Its freaking me out and I havnt changed my products.

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  • Spanish love

    Hello I'm 33 yr old female. I have had acne for some time now. Whiteheads,blackheads and cystic pimples all of them I suffer with. I have tried oral medications and topical creams also. I have also tried Murad, Proactive, Clean and clear, Acne clear etc. Nothing works I have brown spots on my face, I have an olive complexion. Still looking for an answer. I take vitamin A supplements.

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  • anonymous

    At 46 yrs of age I still get flare up like a teenager. The time of the month is the usual trigger. They are deep and painful and most often never come to a head. For the past nine months I have been using the Philosophy skincare line. What a difference and it was even more noticeable when I ran out of product for a week or two. Since I have been using this product I have seen a decrease in breakouts, if you haven't tried their skincare lines I highly recommend them.

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  • Imani

    My doctor has put me on Spiro, is supposed to help adult acne that is due to a hormone imbalance. Been on it for a few weeks, and I am already seeing some improvement.

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  • Anonymous

    I'll be 63 years old next week, with wrinkles AND pimples! I had flawless skin as a teenager, only started breaking out during my first pregnancy at 25. Use Retin-A gel and BPO on alternate nights to keep it in check, but both are extremely drying to older skin--which makes the wrinkles worse! Ugh.

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  • TracyO

    I'm 46 and have been battling acne since I was a teenager. I took Accutane in high school which helped until I turned 40. Then the hormonal acne came back. I started using glycolic(and Jessner) peels about 6 years ago and have to say, my skin looks better now than it did 6 years ago. I only use cosmeceutical grade products from Tzone Skin care. They have a great cleanser that gentle exfoliates while not stripping your skin dry. I also use their 10% glycolic acid corrective moisturizer that keeps the acne under control. Along with this skin care regimen, I stick to a whole foods diet, trying to avoid packaged food and dairy products. And my dermatologist suggested buying eggs with high amounts of omega3. I also found acai juice with an incredible amount of omega3,6&9 in it. I've been drinking it for the past 2 weeks and haven't broken out yet!

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  • anonymous

    I am 51 and have had acne since I was 12. Tried everything from 2 years on antibiotics, diet and cleansing regimes to Accutane and vitamin A creams. Finally I have a combination that keeps it uncer control. Diet of course helps to some degree, but doesn't resolve the problem. I use salisylic, glycolic peel once to twice a week. My favorite is called Jessner peel. Then I heavliy moisturize everynight and light moisturize during day. My skin looked worse for the first week then just has gotten better and better. I also will use a face cream with retinoic acid (vitamin A) and I take a multivitamin without vitamin A (multivitmins) to keep my skin healthy. Retioids and retinoic acid absorbs thru the skin and can cause vitamin a toxicity if you take vitamins or food containing vitamin a, so anyone using those lovely anti wrinkle creams should be aware. Hope this helps and be patient. Takes 3 weeks for skin to move through a cycle.

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  • My adult acne used to be a huge problem but I've switched to an organic vegetarian diet, use an exfoliating amino acid enzyme serum everyday, and have microdermabrasion treatments once a season to keep my skin happy and I finally seem to have conquered the worst of my acne problems. A good quality skincare routine, a diet change, and a good esthetician have helped my skin immensely. Prior to my diet change, skincare change, and help from an esthetician I had tried 3 courses of accutane. Changing my diet and learning about what ingredients can possibly clog my pores so I can avoid them has made more difference than the prescription medications.

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  • Sue: I'm 60 years old and have continued to deal with acne since my mid-twenties. I have tried everything and wish so much to have a solution. I take good care of my skin and it shows except for this persisting issue. I will continue on my quest to beat this demon until the day I die!

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  • AddM

    I've had acne since I was teenager. I'm in 40s now. Still have it. I get it pretty bad too. Not just regular small kind - I get cystic acne that wouldn't go away for weeks and leave deep scars. it gets better and it gets worse. The doctor say that acne doesn't depend on food. For the past five years I've been trying to watch what I eat and what I do to my skin and I can say with confidence that all these things do affect the acne onsets. I finally realized that the less I do to my skin, the better it looks. Had a peel - breakout; laser treatment for acne - ended up in breakout also. Pop a zit - breakout... Eat chocolate, drink wine - breakout, same with cheese (in large amounts). Three weeks with no sugar, wine, flower, alcohol and my skin looks great. I use PCA 13 gel (morning and night), Benzaclin gel, and Bare Minerals as makeup. My skin is till very oily and I don't use any moisturizers. I use Results RX sunscreen when go outdoors. It's the most pure Zinc based sunscreen I could find. When I stay on that regime, all is fine. The minute I experiment with different cosmetics or deserts, I end up with acne.

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  • Preeya

    I am 24 and have acne. It's extremely annoying. I tried the salicylic acid products. They don't work at all. I tried a Retin A cream. Nothing. I tried benzoyl peroxide..it kind of works. Eating fruits and vegetables keeps me super skinny but I still break out even if it's not as bad. I tried minocycline two times and it only worked the first time.tea tree oil dis nothing. Cetaphil did nothing. I tried a birth control sprintec and it kind of works. But I still break out. Now I am on pantothen, a b5 complex vitamin. Let's hope this works. If not I give up. U can't have everything in life!!

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  • anonymous

    I started dealing with acne at age 12 - the cystic variety. In my 20's, I took Accutane, which only helped for about 6 months after stopping it. At age 47, I'm thoroughly disgusted that I still have to take spironlactone AND antibiotics daily. I was able to get away from the antibiotics for several years and then it flared again. I go along clear for some time and then all of sudden, I start breaking out in red bumps all over my face. There will be like 10 come in overnight. I'm still having cysts injected one to two times a year. My skin is still very oily. I have had Fraxel, laser peels, fillers, etc., to fix the damage but am worried more damage will be created. I think I'll be in my 80's with acne flareups. I do have to say it has severly emotionally scarred me since it started. You just don't want to go out in public and trying to cover it up sometimes seems to make it worse. I wish there was something that worked 100% of the time for 100% of people. It would be a HUGE confidence boost from teens to middle age!

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  • anonymous

    I had acne for many years...starting as a teenager and then worse in my early 20's. I'm an Esthetician who works with doctors and when it comes to acne, everyone is different...different things work for different people but some things are proven to be a little better than others for most. The best thing I've found for my skin is Retin-A. It took about two months to start working but not only completely cleared up my acne and slowed down the oiliness, but is also great for preventing wrinkles by stimulating collagen. Another thing that is helpful when using acne products that are drying is keeping the skin balanced with a hydrating serum...keeping it balanced prevents it from overproducing oil with time. Don't use a serum with Vitamin C because that can make acne worse. It's also great to take breaks from an acne product every six months because your skin can become immune to it. I read the Salma Hayek article (in I think Lucky magazine?) and was upset when I read she was coming out with a skin care line and making absurd comments about Botox, etc. Nothing bad has been proven about Botox in over 20 years and she doesn't seem to understand why Caucasians get more wrinkles than darker ethnicities. It's the obvious - because Caucasians are less protected from the sun...but EVERYONE needs to wear sunscreen! (At least SPF 30, natural ingrediants, every day, rain or shine, outdoors/indoors because of incidental sunlight, etc.) I really hope her products have sunscreen in them but after reading the article I was worried. Celebrities are not doctors or scientists...they should do a little more research when it comes to something serious before they make a comment that can easily influence & confuse someone...stick to making perfumes if you're a celebrity in need of extra money and attention.

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  • cmbn5

    Since I was about 14 and I am now 44. Unfortunately it is hereditary.I have run the gamet with treatments; over the counter and prescription. Now on Minocyclin which was working and tretinoin.I have a follow up appt in June with the newest dermatologist. Had had a SkinMedica peel and loved it, just can't afford to do them every month at the moment. Love their TNS Serum and AHA/BHA treatment though it is also out of my price range. Unfortunate society is not so accepting of this horrible condition.

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  • Suffer No More

    i have struggled with it all my life and iam in my 40's now .I cant afford to go to the dermatologist every month but found the stuff i really like to keep it under control Mario Badsecu works incredibly for me.I dont like how a lot of other products work out there but found this works great!

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  • Understanding Adult

    I never suffered from acne as a teenager or in my twenties but now I get them and I barely want to leave my home. I have been to several dermatologists, I have been on Retin-A (didn't resolve the issue) and now I'm using Ziana which has helped. As bad as the acne is once it goes away you are left with the dark spots which take forever to fade but I use Lustra-AF with sunscreen -SPF20. But to get rid of the massive breakouts my dermatologist put me on an oral tablet called Solodyn which I had to take for two months but it did stop the outbreaks and in conjuction with the Ziana and Lustra my skin is returning to its beautiful texture and color. Hope this helps, good luck all :-D

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  • I've suffered from cystic acne for over 20 years. (I did not have acne as a teenager.) Since different remedies work for different people, I'm not one to recommend one thing over another. (I also have seborrheic dermatitis, so benzoyl peroxide products only aggravate the situation.) What has worked for both of these issues is using a 2% salicylic acid gel in the morning (I always follow that with sunscreen). At night, I wash with a product that combines small amounts of both salicylic and glycolic acids. I rotate different sulfur-based masks and lotions from Mario Badescu (which I find are the best skin products for me). I then finish with a retinol cream. (Sometimes I'll mix that with maracuja oil.) I don't get acne cysts anymore since following this regimen, (unless I'm going through a very stressful situation and even then I could get rid of the cyst within days).

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  • jc

    i had horrendous acne when i was a teenager then in my twenties my skin became quite clear with the occasional pimple here or there, up until about two years ago i had fantastic skin, then out of nowhere an acne breakout that started on my chin and worked its way around my entire face, but odd acne, little unproductive bumps for the most part, but the derm confirmed it was acne. i'm now 44 and have to deal with the lines (though i'm told often i don't look near 44) AND remnants of acne as well as any new acne that pops up (no pun intended). if it were just the acne i could deal but the little discolored spots where the acne was that just won't fade away fast enough is frustrating. i have to say i think having acne as a youth prepared me mentally to have it as an adult, though it's frustrating and i look in the mirror and ask it when it's going to go away(i do more than ask,i use an appropriate regimen), i don't base my selfworth on me having the skin issue. i don't feel i have to hide, but then as a guy i don't really want to wear makeup to cover any discolorations so my only other option IS to try to get to a good place mentally. but still...44 and acne? couldn't have seen that coming!

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  • AnaSoFla

    I agree with Skinsaver. My dermatologist is the man who developed Retin-A and benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is what helps to kill the acne bacteria. It's best when formulated with gentle ingredients because that way it doesn't dry out your skin. Retin-A also helps clear up skin, especially all of the post-imflammatory hyperpigmentation. My acne clearing regimen consists of a BPO cleanser, a mandalic acid (super good for acne) toner, my other brand moisturizers and SPFs, Retin-A serum and vitamin C serum.His book is called Acne RX. I can't stress enough how much it helps to understand what acne really is.

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  • Judy

    I may have had 10 pimples in my younger years but now a few months till I turn 60 its a different story. My doctor calls it stress acne. I get pimples that are hard and then they go away. Now tehy do come to a head and hurt like the dickens. I have found that the Zeno Zapper {as I call } works for me. It is not fair that I have grey roots, pimples and wrinkles at the same time . God love Botox and my hairdresser

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  • AnaSoFla

    I forgot to say, I never, and will never, use any drugs to treat my acne. When it was active, it was a stage III, so I didn't have a need for it. Doctors will be doctors and still try to push drugs. I just kindly declined.It goes without saying that I am a lot more confident about my skin now, even though before people didn't think my face was that bad--but I was wearing some make up. They didn't really know. And I knew what my skin was like before the acne. So yes, adult acne is stigmatizing, confusing, stressful--I'd say more than teen acne because when you're an adult, you're supposed to be clear of it--and that's a myth!

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  • Abby Fazio

    I have excellent feedback from my patients with adult acne that use Avibon which is over the counter. It's made from vitamin A and heels acne breakouts and the scars. It sells for 27 dollars at newlondonpharmacy.com. Check it out on the website

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  • anonymous

    I have struggled with acne for ten years. Now at 40, I am seeing a huge difference. Scaring is my problem now!! Being anemic and deaing with extreme stress from divorce, I had to make changes from within and then with my diet!!

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  • Sonia Marie

    I had acne popping up on my chin and hairline. I never had this problem until my late 20's. I had tried prescription medications such as tazarac and various retinoid products and nothing was working. A friend suggested Rodan and Fields Dermatologists Unblemish Regimen and that has worked wonders on my skin. I fell in love with the products so much I decided to be a consultant. Take a look at the products on my website: https://soniatroxell.myrandf.com The line has truly transformed my skin and the confidence I had in my 20's has returned. No more cover up for me.

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  • Sharon

    I am 40 years old now and still suffer from hormonal acne. I've tried everything the dermatologists have recommended except for Accutane. The areas that brteak out seem to change all the time, oddly enough, and right now I'm breaking out on my jawline and on the sides behind my ears! I've seen several derms, tried many many different therapies and regimens, and nothing really works. I struggle with whether or not I should try Accutane.

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  • jenna

    I come from a family where bad skin has been passed down from generation to generation. In high school I got a breakout here and there but nothing like I have now. I'm 27 years old and still I wake up and look in the mirror thinking when will the breakouts go away?! Its very frustrating. I use good products, and wash my face only twice a day. Some things work for a little bit but then after a while my skin goes back to the breakouts. As I've gotten older I've also noticed that not only am I plagued with the acne, the breakouts take a long time to go away and tends to leave scars. I wish I could leave the house without makeup, but it seems it wont ever happen, atleast not soon.

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  • Dianne C.

    I use Proactive in the am and Glo-therapeutics at night. I am 62 and have had acne sine the age of 12. My skin has NEVER been more beautiful. You have to use both benz. peroxide and sal. acid. These I rotate on a daily basis.

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  • edweena

    Seems to coincide with hot flashes - a night of sweating followed by a morning full of spots.

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  • Sarah

    Had bad adult acne got worse when I was pregnant. After pregnancy I used the depo shot and never had an acne problem since. DEPO works for my adult acne!!

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  • Karin

    Growing up I suffered and still suffer at 41 years old. I use great products, I use the Clarisonic.. and it just never goes away. My husband is in the Navy (which means we move often) and I notice that climate definitely has an affect. It's a constant struggle.

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  • skinsaver

    Ladies as someone who is now in my thirties and struggled with acne and sensitive skin for years I can tell you there is only one product that will alleviate acne and help with fine lines/wrinkles- RETIN A. I was on this for quite a while as a teen and it was great. Years later, and after forgetting all about it, I read an article saying this was still (after all the breakthroughs) the best bet for troubled skin. Went to Sephora, got Dr. Brandt overnight serum (2% retinol) and within days my acne was in remission and my skin was waaaaay smoother. It's pricey but like many of you I have wasted thousands on treatments and so given that this actually works, I am willing to shell out!

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  • Michelle

    I've always always always have had breakouts. Last June my skin looked amazing for the first time in a long time with using Beauty Society products. I thought hey I can finally try out that dermaplaning I've been hearing about. Big mistake. I broke out with the worst acne I've ever experienced in my whole life. I'm 32 and I was astonished that it was even possible that this could happen. I tried chemical peels, micro derm, facials, changed my diet, quit eating/drinking dairy, you name it I did it. Nothing worked and it only seemed to make it worse. Finally in October i gave up and went to the derm. I was prescribed Doryx, Tazorac and spironolactone. Its been just over 5 months and I rarely get a breakout. I no longer am on the Doryx (abx) I still take the spironilactone and ive cut back the Tazorac to a couple of days a week. My skin looks and feels amazing. Ive also started juicing (not the steroids kind ...lol) and ive seen an even bigger change. i've gone back to my Beauty Society products (which some were featured in the New Beauty Test Tube) I've even become a rep for the company! I can use anything on my skin now and experience no breakouts. This is great. Sometimes having to go through the derm for help is so worth it. It wasn't easy by any means. The first few months were horrible. I'm happy now though!!! You can visit my site at www.mybeautysociety.com/michelle

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  • anonymous

    I had incredibly clear skin for years, never had many pimples as a teen except maybe one or two around my time of the month. Then I hit 25 and all the sudden I had terrible cystic acne on my chin. At least to me it was terrible because they're so painful and are so red and hard to cover with makeup and scar and stay so long! It made me feel so depressed. I finally went to a woman dermatologist, who has PCOS like I do and she put me on Finacea gel (which is safe to use when pregnant). It has cleared up everything! I did switch to bare minerals makeup and use their face wash, but I give the credit to Finacea because you name the product I tried it. From organic all natural skin care, to exfoliaters, to facials....and my fertility doctor told me there is nothing you can do about hormonal cystic acne, that it just comes with PCOS and the only fix is birth control. By the way birth control didn't fix the problem. Hope this helps!

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  • Mia

    I have had adult acne since i was in my late 30's. Now finally at 59 it is finally resolving. I tried every treatment from antibiotics, light therapy, and harsh medications. About four years ago I started using a zinc oxide based tinted sunscreen (Arcona) and zinc oxide based powder (Tarte)to set the finish. My skin looks better than it did at 25! I think my acne was more of a reaction to the skin care and makeup I was using. I still breakout if I use a reguular foundation (even the ones for acne prone skin) so I keep to my zinc oxide products and keep getting the compliments! good luck out there!

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  • anonymous

    50 years old and I still have periods and pimples! I have used Retin-A, Retin-A Micro, Differin, and for last 3 years, Tazorac. All about the same, keep it somewhat under control but it's hormonal so when they start raging, there is no control. Neutrogena always in the medicine chest (all 3 Acne spot treatments)and various coverages of foundation. I hope when the periods stop the pimples will too.

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  • Kat

    It sucks to be 42 (tomorrow!) and still have to worry about acne on my neck, back, upper arms and chest. I still get a few on my face that last a day or two, nothing exciting. I want to expose skin on my upper body -- especially during the summer -- but can't because it's so embarrassing.

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  • Jennifer

    I've suffered from cystic acne for about 2 decades. I've missed both school & work due to excessively bad break outs. Acne definitely affected my self esteem over the years. I've tried just about everything--more prescriptions than I can count, infomercial products, even egg yolks--long story--but someone told me it worked if you applied it to the skin nightly. I went through a lot of eggs & wasted a lot of time. Bottom line, the only product that completely cleared up my acne is Duality MD (Jan Marini). It's been a miracle product for me. I use it nightly and my skin is now completely clear.

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  • I have suffered from acne for the past 30 years!! I am 52 years old and I have had every treatment known to man including (back in the early 70's) being placed under a sun lamp to create a gentle burn and peel! I have been through 2 rounds of Accutane which produced the longest long term results but now, I am going through another bout of breakouts. I have spent thousands of dollars to alleviate the acne and maintain clear skin. I even became a licensed esthetician so that I may help others who also suffer. Accutane to me is still the most effective treatment for cystic acne. It is so highly regulated and monitored by your doctor that any side effects can be monitored and addressed immediately. I also had good results while I was on birth control pills. See a dermatologist as soon as acne appears. There is no need to second guess what creams and potions will work when your dermatologist has an arsenal of effective products and prescriptions at their disposal. There is no need to suffer!

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  • Michelle

    I have been struggling with horrible cystic acne for over 2 years now and there really is nothing more awful. The only thing that has really helped me is an oral anti biotic from my dermatologist and a consistent skincare regimen. I use Somme Institute products only and my skin has dramatically improved.

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  • I had picture perfect skin until I turned 25. The only cure I found was getting pregnant (haha). It was the only time my skin was clear. I have used prescription meds-both topical & oral. They work at first, but then it seems they stop. I am going to discuss this with my ob/gyn this week. Perhaps my hormones are out of whack. The problem is that I get painful, deep papules that are inflammed & red. They take forever to heal and scar my porcelain skin.

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  • Laura

    Its like that ad on tv - who would have thought i would have to worry about wrinkles and acne at the same time?It's the pits!

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  • Marie

    I never struggled with acne throughout my teen years. It was just never something I had to worry about. I didn't find my skin sensitive to many products nor did I feel like I needed a long routine to keep my skin looking good. Ever since I've reached my 20's though, I've noticed that my skin has started to change. I'm not sure if it's harmones, stress, or a comination of the two, but I've started really struggling to keep my acne down. I really notice it more on the left side of my face, leading me to believe it is from using the phone at my reception desk (which is always to my left ear). Since this acne flareup started, I have tried to start wiping the phone with an alcohol wipe at least once daily and I've also started washing my sheets with fragrance free detergent and I change my pillowcase every night. I've noticed that this has helped tremendously. It just takes a little while to get used to having acne when it never was an issue. I feel like I'm learning my skin all over again!!

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  • Meredith

    I struggled in college and it was horribly annoying. But lately I've changed my diet to more fruits and vegetables, with less refined sugars and its made a big difference. Also I switched up my face washes and exfoliate twice a week with Exfolikate and its made a huge difference!

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  • anonymous

    It is one of the single most annoying things. My make up just gets heavier. Nothing works and outbreaks are random. As a teenager was could understand and took acutane but 20 years on arrrr...

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